What Does a Housewarmers Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$12,500 - $55,000
Total Investment:$15,200 - $55,900

Housewarmers Franchise Information:
Work for yourself as you work with your community.
Become a Housewarmers Franchisee.

We are looking for friendly people. You know, the ones who know just about everyone around town. A great communicator who is well connected to their community and has the desire to make a great living from it.

Hi. We're Housewarmers. We are a personal delivery and welcoming service that reaches out to local neighbors in the community with the exclusive Housewarmers Gift Bag. Each bag is filled with a variety of gifts and certificates from local sponsors and is personally delivered to these residents.

Think about it. How often have you wondered where you could find a good local drycleaner? Or an attorney? Or car repair shop? Everyday, folks like you have to wander through phone books, or the internet, searching these businesses out.

At Housewarmers, we connect local neighbors with local businesses. That's why we say community is our business.

We're looking for franchise owners. Up front and overhead costs are low. You'll receive expert training with our Good Neighbor Marketing system, which helps build sales volume by connecting local business sponsors to residents in a unique and verifiable way.

After training, you'll begin to seek out area businesses, (we call them sponsors) who'll often jump at the opportunity to market to these new customers. We can help you to create Sponsor certificates, which can be included in our exclusive Housewarmers Directory. In addition, Sponsors can include a premium item in the Gift Bag that we can help them produce or they can provide themselves. Housewarmers sponsors enjoy exclusive area listing. For example, this means if you have a Chiropractor business, you will have the only listing for a Chiropractor in that area. For sponsors, Housewarmers is like having a new business person who's always working for you.

So, are you ready for financial independence? A schedule that fits your life? Want to be an integral part of your community by offering a valued service that helps both neighbors and local/national businesses?

Opportunity is knocking! Discover Housewarmers today.

Please note this opportunity is not offered in: IL, IN, MI, MN, ND, RI, SD, WA and WI.
Interested parties should have at least $20,000 liquid capital to invest.
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