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The more clutter accumulated, the more impossible it seems to sort it all out. Innovative Garage & Wall Systems, LLC has the answer. Innovative offers an intriguing new concept to satisfy your longtime goal of organization and beautification of your garage/basement with Innovative's revolutionary new exclusive PVC wall and floor systems.

Here is how it works. Lineals are attached to garage walls directly into the studs from bottom to top in specific areas you designate for hanging. Next, components, such as baskets, hooks, racks and slatwall strips all slide into the lined walls. You can rearrange all accessories in a matter of minutes. On the remaining walls not dedicated to organization, Innovative installs a decorative finished material made of high quality PVC panel profiles.

Our mission is to provide quality products in a timely, positive and professional manner.

Get your piece of the pie today!

Innovative Garage & Wall Systems' Dealerships are being accepted for garage/basement beautification and organizational products. Innovative dealer kits are carefully designed for new dealers in all 52 states. Based on our company's unique and exclusive product line and services, each dealer kit will allow the dealer to have a product inventory that best suits your customer's potential product requests.

Along with an extensive training program, your dealership will contain:
  • Product inventory
  • Website
  • Sandwich signs
  • Yard signs
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • Shirts, etc.
  • A fully equipped trailer (optional)
Here's why our system is superior!
  1. Shop Wall is a superior and cost effective alternative to traditional options in shelving and wall storage, such as pegboard and conventional storage fixtures.
  2. Fast installation in a snap. Space makeover is made easy with interlocking PVC panels.
  3. The system is clean with no drywall dust all over.
  4. The system is durable and it is virtually impossible to damage.
  5. The system looks very appealing to the eye unlike drywall which tends to look good at first, but continually needs to be repaired and repainted.
  6. All accessories can be moved from one location to another in seconds flat.
  7. We offer a large variety of wall storage cabinets, brackets, hooks, shelves, baskets, as well as workbenches. We also have a ten color floor system.
  8. The interlocking panels are very durable and you can hang most anything with ease. The accessories just snap on or off with no tools necessary.
  9. We offer Custom Built Loft Systems that can be built over garage doors or around the entire perimeter.
Innovative is dedicated to assisting new dealers in bringing their clients the most innovative, highest quality, easy to install, affordable, with ease of installation, garage/basement improvement products available. Our goals is to help our dealers increase sales and introduce our customers to this unique exclusive product line to generate instant cash and success.

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