Longevity Medical Clinic

What Does a Longevity Medical Clinic Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$295,000 - $650,000

Longevity Medical Clinic Franchise Information:

Proven profitable, turnkey opportunity, rapidly expanding market

Longevity Medical Clinic specializes in customized anti-aging therapy programs. These programs encompass health treatments for the whole individual, using prescription drugs for Comprehensive Hormone Supplementation (CHS), nutritional supplements, diet recommendations, and exercise regimens. These treatments are based on the latest medical knowledge and technology.

The general population has begun receiving the news about anti-aging therapy through the media, including nationally prominent and respected shows such as CBS's 60 Minutes, ABC's 20/20, and the Oprah Show. Anti-aging therapy is gaining in popularity very rapidly because it actually does work.

Tap in to this expanding market!

There is a huge market of graying baby boomers numbering in the millions who are aware that medical technology can provide them with a better aging experience than that of any generation before.

Who will focus on this virtually untapped market? You can. You can do it with the anti-aging practice in your own Longevity Medical Clinic. You can do it using our medically proven anti-aging program, CHS, which has developed over the past nine years in anticipation of the market readiness in baby boomers, which has now arrived.

The right place at the right time!

Now the franchise development of Longevity Medical Clinic is the right concept with the right systems in place at the right time for capturing this prime market.

These are all the right reasons to learn more about how you can earn more by acquiring a Longevity Medical Clinic of your own. If you are an investor, say hello to the right opportunity. If you are a physician, say goodbye to endless hospital rounds and insurance company hassles. Anti-aging therapy is a fee for service program.

We offer a proven turnkey operation!

If you are truly interested in owning an anti-aging medical practice, why spend years developing it? Longevity Medical Clinic franchise owners obtain a good head start with our full and on-going support in launching and maintaining a new medical anti-aging practice, including intensive training and a comprehensive operations manual.

In addition, assistance is available for:
  • Clinic financing
  • Site location
  • Equipment purchasing or leasing
  • Employee recruitment
  • Clinic construction or remodeling
  • Clinic management systems
  • Clinic marketing program

Franchisees can access our guidance for future improvements and development as well.

Best of all, franchisees get exclusive access to our medically proven anti-aging program and products. That means open access to the cutting edge of new discoveries, techniques and technology.

Now is the time to get started!

Current demographic trends indicate long term market growth in the demand for anti-aging therapy, providing sound and sustained support for many Longevity Medical Clinics.

To truly imagine owning an anti-aging clinic of your own is the first step. Taking the next step would bring you closer to turning your imagined future into a lived reality.

The time is right. The market is ready.

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