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Magna Delta Franchise Consulting has just released an invaluable collection of 5 free reports on 2005's Hottest Home-Based Businesses Under $10,000.

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Just Released: 5 Free Reports you must read before starting a home-based business in 2005!

Magna Delta Consulting has just released an invaluable collection of 5 free reports on "2005's Hottest Home-Based Businesses Under $10,000." If you're considering the start of a new business operating out of your home, this is the one information package you must investigate first!

We can disclose the company names and details ONLY in the package you receive in the mail!

Report #1: A Business Services Company
Get the low-down on a Business Service company that features a low-investment (well under $10,000), requires no previous sales experience, little or no fixed equipment, and offers a high income potential. It lets you build a profitable turnkey-yes, turnkey! -business that you can operate out of the convenience your own home, with very little competition. The company provides national advertising support and a proven marketing program.
  • Huge earnings potential
  • Conveniently operated from your home computer
  • No direct selling
  • Full or Part Time-you decide
  • Provides services in heavy demand by businesses everywhere
  • Solid history of past growth
  • Fantastic outlook for the future-solid record of growth in the past
  • Ongoing, ever increasing residual income
  • Excellent training, manuals, and support

Report #2: Cleaning/Maintenance Company
Look inside an outstanding Cleaning/Maintenance Company (priced under $10,000) that you'll definitely want to take a closer look at. It's a company currently experiencing expanding demand and ever-increasing revenues. You can be your own boss while experiencing the excitement of owning a profitable business in an industry that will always be a critical part of the business world.
  • Very attractive profit margins
  • New and existing territories available right now
  • No physical work-you manage your employees
  • Complete training and ongoing support
  • Huge residential and commercial demand

Report #3: A Computer/Internet Company
This Computer/Internet business offers almost immediate cash flow. It gives you complete training from some of the industry's best known leaders, provides unlimited support, and enables you to trade ideas and experiences with your fellow business owners, building a business that can support you well for many years to come. You'll be on the leading edge of computer technology, yet starting your business does not require much computer knowledge at all. The business is simple, uncomplicated, and ideal for any entrepreneur seeking the best Computer/ Internet opportunity of 2005.
  • No Selling
  • No Products to Store or Ship
  • Training and Support that is the Envy of the Industry
  • Continual Updates on Technology
  • Niche Positioning That Surpasses All Competitors
  • Financing Available

Report #4: An Automotive Company
This home-based automotive business is especially attractive due to zero inventory and low overhead. You can easily operate this business out of your home, providing services to an almost unlimited customer base of both individuals and corporations. The company helps you establish pricing and negotiate wholesale costs to ensure the best possible profit, while keeping you competitive locally. If you enjoy cars, you'll love establishing, setting up and operating this automotive business out of the comfort of your home.
  • Combines several key services that other franchises only offer separately
  • Saves you initial and ongoing fees (one company instead of several)
  • Provides a high level of training and support
  • Offers financing plans at attractive rates

Report #5: A Vending Company
This report zeros in on a sub-$10,000 home-based vending business earned our attention for its exceptional benefits and potential. The appeal of vended products is well established over the years. As the business owner, you set your own hours, and have a wide and lucrative selection of products that you can offer. It's an all-cash, low-stress business where you can grow it as large as your own talents and initiative want it to be. The demand for this business is expected to continue at a feverish pace during 2005 and well beyond.
  • No Direct Selling
  • Full or Part Time
  • Immediate Cash Flow
  • Multiple Locations (New and Existing) Available
  • Multiple Products (all in high demand)
  • Free Training and Support
  • Franchising with Attractive Rates

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