Mocha Delites Coffee House & Deli

Mocha Delites Coffee House and Deli:

Welcome to Mocha Delites

In a highly competitive market, we are unlike any other coffee company. We carefully select locations that are in prime markets with very captive audiences! By opening a Mocha Delites in a school, hospital, or large office building, our franchisees are assured a sound investment. In these environments, patrons consider us an oasis in an otherwise dismal surrounding, especially when Mocha Delites is literally the only place to eat or drink!

Since we began franchising our dynamic concept in early 2002 with zero advertising, we now have well over 30 franchisees! Mocha Delites is receiving hundreds of inquiries daily about opening a location in every state of the USA. When you witness one of our locations in action, you will see and understand why Mocha Delites is rapidly becoming America's Favorite Coffee House!

Our coffee shops offer a wide selection of coffees, espresso beverages, sandwiches, and pastries. We tailor to unique markets, ranging from full service food providers for college campuses and medical facilities to quaint escapes in just about any setting.

We offer gourmet coffees made with the traditional Arabica bean, and a wide variety of specialty coffee drinks. We also carry pastries, biscotti, scones, fresh baked bagels, quesadillas, smoothies, and many more coffee related desserts and snacks.

In operation since 1992, our very first location opened in the VA Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. With lots of prayer, hard work, and determination, the huge success of our first location paved the way for the multiple locations we've now grown into.

Our goal is not only to serve top quality coffees, snacks, sandwiches and other beverages but to leave each & every customer feeling just a little better about their day. We strive to give each customer love, respect, and a little better feeling about their day upon leaving. When we combine uplifting d├ęcor, upbeat jazz music, tantalizing food and prime locations, you know that you have found the coffee shop of your dreams . . .Mocha Delites!

Our customers have become close friends of ours and truly feel like family. We do our best to deliver the quality they've come to expect.

On Going Support

Mocha Delites provides ongoing support to each franchisee with a Franchise Consultant who serves as a liaison between the franchisee and all of the different corporate departments. Franchise Consultants are responsible for and committed to facilitating the franchisees efforts and assist in the following areas:
  • Coaching to maintain operational excellence, product and customer service standards.
  • Fostering communication between the franchisee and Mocha Delites.
  • Recommending, communicating and assisting in the development of marketing strategies to develop and maintain a strong customer base.
  • Ensuring continuity by measuring key restaurant indicators and attributes through a standardized inspection process.
  • Assisting in financial control working with the franchisee on food and labor cost.
We are very excited about our growth & the potential of sharing our great concept with you. For more information, please complete the email form below.

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