MovieBank USA

What Does a MovieBank USA Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$6,000 - $135,000

MovieBank USA Vending Machine Business Opportunity Information:

MovieBank is the leader in automated video distribution.

MovieBank USA is the official and exclusive US distributor of Video System Italia, the undisputed global leader in manufacturing video vending machines. Its technological edge and twelve years of experience are the primary reasons it has earned a 70% global market share.

In addition, with over 13,000 video vending machines installed worldwide, Video System Italia and MovieBank USA have developed expertise and broad management and servicing of video vending machines and automated video clubs.

MovieBank is the leading American chain of fully automated video vending machines.

Imagine running a chain of fully automated video stores that operate 24/7, with small space requirements and without a staff!

Welcome to Moviebank USA! Already, over 13,000 video vending machines installed worldwide. These stores are all connected through a network and you control everything through a computer in your home. We have created a technology where you can store 400 -3,000 videos in our fully automated machine which only takes up 20-100 square feet. You will be able to handle any traffic and not deal with the headaches of running a traditional store. Our machines are as simple to use as an ATM machine, our cutting edge technology and user friendly interface make it possible to access the entire inventory of a traditional video club and receive your rental in less than 1 minute.

We have revolutionized the way people rent movies all over the world. For example, it is now virtually impossible to find a traditional video store in Europe. These machines have taken the European market by storm, forcing traditional video stores to adapt or close down. Our machines can be put in high traffic locations such as grocery stores, apartment complex's, video stores, office buildings and much more. We have now brought this technology to the US where we are now experiencing the same success that we have had throughout the world.

With over ten years of experience in this business, we will support you in every way to ensure that your business running successfully. Our technology team will maintain your machines to make sure that you are always running.

MovieBank offers great planning and follow-up assistance.

MovieBank offers a wide range of machines and related services to assist you in planning your project, including installation and management as well as sales and technical follow-up for your company.

Some of the great benefits to a MovieBank business are:
  • 24/7 sales opportunity
  • No staff
  • Small space requirements
  • Remote management
  • User friendly
  • Reliability
  • Increase traffic to existing locations
  • Monitor statistics of machines and modify settings remotely
  • Rapid ROI
  • Same selection as traditional video club
  • Customers can browse and reserve movies online to pick up at your machine
  • Easy to operate

Offering a new business model, automated video distribution has allowed traditional video clubs to increase their revenues substantially and has also become an outstanding new investment opportunity with very high profitability for private entrepreneurs.

MovieBank has revolutionized automated video distribution.

MovieBank is the ultimate evolution of the video store. It is a fast and fun experience for the entire family, allowing customers to rent the latest movies on DVD and VHS, along with video games, at the best price.

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