NextGen Great Sealcoating

Opportunity Cost

  • Liquid Capital Required: $50,000
  • Total Investment: $38,000 - $50,000

About NextGen Great Sealcoating

  • Total Units: 2
  • Year Founded: 2005
  • Franchising Since: 2019
  • Home Office: Hillsborough, NJ

Franchise Q&A with NextGen Great Sealcoating President, Tim Smeltz

How was your franchise/opportunity originally conceived and started? 

I realized my driveway needed sealcoating and couldn’t find anyone to do it, so I started my own co.

What was your original vision for your company? How has that changed over time? 

Quite simply, my original vision was to be my own boss but it began to change when we lost a job at a day care/pre school because we were using coal tar based sealer.  After some thought, I realized that the asphalt maintenance industry was antiquated in its’ present form (this was 2008) and set about a two step plan. 1.) to develop a safe, non-toxic alternative (this took 6 years to get right) and then 2.) to franchise the business (this took 4 more years to develop systems, infrastructure and then almost 2 years for legal crap etc.)

What do you believe is the single most important factor when choosing a franchise? 

A “match” of ideals between franchisor and franchisee.

Why should someone choose your franchise over other similar franchises?  

We’re poised to reinvent and dominate an industry and we’re looking for like minded people.

What makes your industry attractive? 

This is a recurring revenue model.  I can’t stress enough how big that is for sales and growth.  Sealcoating has to be done every few years so we’re not constantly looking for new customers.  We get to work on the same driveway or parking lot multiple times.

What types of qualities do you look for in potential franchisees? 

Honesty, integrity and willingness to work.  Everything else can be taught and mentored though our systematic approach.

What do your franchise fees and royalties cover? 

A HUGE territory, our proprietary service software (there’s even a mobile app), a call center that answers phones, books and schedules jobs and can even take payment-this alone frees up a franchisee immensely.  Also a web site with SEO, 888 number, e-mail addresses.  We also deliver all of the material needed directly to their storage site.  Oh and up to 10 days of training, including 5 days in their locale.  We also offer 2 industry related, additional side businesses at no extra charge. 

How do territories work for your franchisees?  

They’re freakin’ huge!  Minimum 2 counties and 200,000 housing units.

Where do you see your franchise in 5 years and 10 years? 

I see us beginning to disrupt the industry, with 15 in 5 and 35 in 10. 

What is your favorite advice for new franchisees to help them succeed? 

Passionately follow the systems.  Not every day will be easy, but it will pay off in the long run.

What would you tell potential franchisees that may be nervous about the financial burdens of starting a franchise?  

Being nervous is a good thing.  Talk to other owners about the highs and lows.  Business ownership is a big step but so worthwhile.

Can you explain your financial assistance?  

Currently a third party with another one in the works. 

On average, how long does it take to start a new franchise from the franchisees point of view?  

It could be done in as little as a few weeks but more realistically 2-3 months.

What was your background and experience before founding this franchise?  

I was a NYC chef with over 20 years experience in the restaurant business but wanted out.  I started our sealcoating business in 2005.


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