Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Opportunity Cost

  • Liquid Capital Required: $80,000 - $150,000
  • Net Worth Required: $200,000
  • Total Investment: $80,000 - $100,000

About Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

  • Industry: Building & Construction
  • Subsector: Exterior Improvements/Products
  • Total Units: 44
  • Year Founded: 1995
  • Started Franchising: 1998
  • Home Office: Richmond, VA

About Us

Build an exciting future making your community a more beautiful, safer place with your very own outdoor illumination franchise business.

Trying to figure out what's next in your life and career? Wanting to fulfill your personal, business, family and financial goals in a way that will add joy and satisfaction to your life?

We should talk. We're Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP).

Founded in the early 1990s, our outdoor lighting franchise system has been providing our clients with stunning, energy-efficient custom lighting designs for homes, businesses and the holidays. It's actually three businesses in one: Residential Landscape Lighting, Hospitality Lighting and Holiday Lighting.

Why Choose Outdoor Lighting Perspectives?

There are many great reasons why our franchisees decided to invest in an OLP franchise to pursue their personal and business goals:

  • High personal satisfaction: For many of our franchisees, running an OLP business is a dream job. You can have an in-home office. Your schedule is flexible and completely under your control. You get to interact with appreciative clients and positively impact their family's lifestyle and security. You can spend time outdoors. You can exercise your creativity and see the tangible results of your efforts with every amazing illumination plan you design, install and service. Most importantly, you gain full control of your future and will directly enjoy the fruits of your hard work as you build the business using our brand and proven business model.
  • Proven sales process: From nighttime demonstrations to daytime consults, our sales process is proven to impress your customers and will clearly differentiate you from any competitors.Our incredibly strong closing ratio prove this year after year.
  • Low overhead costs: You won't need a storefront, as most customer prospects will contact you via the web or by phone. And as unparalleled customer service is our mantra and is built into our business model at multiple touch points, you will visit with the customer at their home or place of business.
  • Strong financial picture: An OLP requires a relatively modest amount of start-up capital. Your initial start-up costs generally are approximately between $54,000 and $110,000, including the franchise fee, for a standard territory or only $29,000 to $52,000 if the business is being added-on to an existing business. And yet, OLP gross profit margins are extremely attractive, with an average of 56% across the franchise system on our median sale per project of $3,310 and median price per fixture of $251.

Ideal Candidate

An ideal candidate enjoys meeting and working with new customers, has a strong commitment to service and enjoys creative and/or visual thinking. Sales and marketing skills are a plus but not mandatory due to our extensive training program. Other essential ingredients of a successful franchise owner include:

  • Man or woman, could be a husband and wife team
  • 35-50 years of age
  • College educated, usually with a four-year degree
  • Background in business management, customer service, high-end premium retail, marketing or sales are preferred;
  • Evidence of leadership success in career and/or community, ideally with hiring and firing responsibility and budget unit P&L responsibility
  • Project management experience preferred
  • Net worth of at least $200K with minimum $80K of available liquid capital and the ability to secure funding for the full investment required of between $80K to $100K
  • Strong desire to build and manage a strong business versus a "boutique business" or "sole proprietorship"
  • Above average acumen, skill and comfort with computers and technology
  • Creative and/or interested in design and/or architecture would be a plus
  • Often a "corporate refugee" seeking increased control and financial independence
  • Motivated by an environment of not being trapped in an office or retail store
  • Very motivated to be own boss and have control over schedule
  • Understands and is comfortable with the ideal of relationship building to develop long-term trade alliance partners in the local market

Request Information

Request Information



Speaker 1: I joined OLP in 2005. This is my seventh year in business. I spent my whole career in the corporate world. I did fairly well. I was in corporate management. I majored in business in college, so I always had a little bit of an inkling to have my own business. I just never really accepted the challenge to get out on my own. I faced a crossroad in my career and I just pursued through a business broker buying a small company.

Speaker 2: The reason I joined the operation was because we already have a couple of businesses today. We saw this as an opportunity to take our existing customer ration and add to it, bring additional revenue to out organization. We’ve found it to be very successful. It’s a good mix for our customer base, as well as us.

More recently, in the introduction of commercial lighting, the commercial lighting was something we’d been asked for for many years from our customers. Our homeowners, a lot of them are business owners also. They have challenges at their offices. I think we’ve gained that trust factor with them, so it gave us the opportunity to expand right in to that and do the job that they were looking for.

Speaker 3: We got involved in Outdoor Lighting Perspective because I was tired of corporate America. I went through the process of climbing the ladder three times to find out that our company sold to another company. The fear of them bringing their own people in and not knowing what our future was going to be, that was not a good place to be.

I ventured into Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. It’s been very interesting, very difficult in a lot of ways. I’ve worked very hard, but yet the payoff in incredible. We can manage our own schedules now. Be with our family the way we want to be, go where we want to go.

Speaker 4: The reason I bought an existing franchise verses trying to start from new is pretty simple; there’s a customer base there. In Austin we’ve got, I think, 300 … the last time I counted, 310 customers. That provides a great revenue opportunity right out of the gate.

In fact, the day that we opened, the day that we signed the contract, we turned the phones on and they started ringing. We picked up a lot of service revenue right out of the gate. It kind of got me going. I knew that going in.

Speaker 1: We really try to market ourselves as the premiere outdoor lighting expert in the Birmingham market. The other advantage we have, is we have a customer base now of 1,100 customers. We really strive to leverage that customer base through our diversified efforts and our product line.

Speaker 3: The fact that we have a national support team in OLP to do research and development and opportunities for other revenue sources. Like expanding our business holiday and commercial, has been a huge benefit. We certainly don’t have any of that time to do that on our own. They have the resources and knowledge and technology to be able to do that for us. We can go out there and make the money that we need to be doing in our business, but they resource those thing for us. Then also, just the way they package it with out software programs and out marketing programs, they certainly have all the expertise in that field that we couldn’t imagine trying to put together.

Speaker 2: As far as revenue, obviously that’s a good deal. It increased our revenue from a lot of different points of view. Give us the opportunities to expand into areas when we have downtimes, and a little more consistency with the growth of the company. All in all, a very successful choice we made. I look forward to a future long-term relationship.


Please Note:

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is currently accepting inquiries from the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Interested parties should have at least $80,000 in liquid capital to invest.

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