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Bill Payment & Communication Services

The Pay-N-Go Bill Payment solution provides secure and reliable nationwide access to assist customers in saving time, effort, and the embarrassment and frustration associated with late bill payments.

This Electronic Bill Payment solution is a web-based tool that enables a merchant to act as a local payment agent allowing their customers to pay their bills.

Being Internet based, the solution is an easy to use, menu driven application that can be accessed anywhere an Internet connection is available. Customers are able to have payments sent to thousands of participating billers nationwide as well as monitor their payment history via this site.

Once a payment has been entered, the payment will be forwarded to the biller through our bill payment system. In some cases, the biller will be contacted via an internal messaging and reporting system to let them know that a payment is on its way. With the number of payment locations on the rise throughout the country, it means customers will be able to make payments almost anywhere you travel.

A large segment of the American bill paying public is made up of individuals that, for whatever reason, do not maintain a bank checking account. Nevertheless, we understand that there are still bills to pay, and those bills are not only from local creditors that can be visited and paid in person, but they are bills from creditors located elsewhere. Now there is a solution!

Individuals without checking accounts represent a market in need of a solution. Our solution meets the need by providing a way for everyone to pay all of their bills at one convenient location. It does not matter where the biller is located; our system can perform the transfer of funds from a cash paying customer to a biller or creditor easy and efficiently.

Typically, money orders are purchased to send payments by mail. Purchasing one money order for each bill payment can be a hassle. Instead of purchasing money orders, with this service an account can be established at a local pay station so that a customer can return to the location each time a bill needs to be paid. Or, once an account has been set up within the system, they can visit any of our pay station locations, anywhere in the country, to make a payment.

As a local payment agent offering the service, you could typically charge a modest fee for facilitating the transaction, and payment is then transferred to the creditor.

We are seeking ambitious, retail entrepreneurs who are looking to add an additional stream of income to their current operation by becoming a Pay-N-Go authorized payment agent. By providing a complete system designed to get you up and running in as little time as possible, you can be earning additional revenue by processing bill payments through Pay-N-Go in no time.

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