Payroll Matters Franchise Information:

In business for over 30 years, Payroll Matters specializes in helping business owners meet the growing demand of record-keeping and administrative tasks that go along with producing a payroll. People who operate their own businesses are generally very good at what they do. Anyone who has a payroll to produce understands that calculating and administering it is time-consuming, occasionally headache-producing, and almost always a distraction from the real business of doing business.

Add to that the related issues of benefits administration, direct deposit and the ever-changing tax codes and it is easy to see why many owners consider it a chore, rather than a pleasure. That's why an increasing number of companies are outsourcing their payroll and related services to companies like us. With millions of businesses operating in this country alone, nearly all of them have a need for the services we provide.

Our Concept

Our concept has been so successful with business owners throughout the United States, because it takes the headaches and worries out of producing a payroll.

Who are we? Simply put, we are financial experts, who have provided this service nationwide to thousands of businesses. Collectively, they bring more than 100 years of field experience to the table. That experience and expertise is what has made the PayrollMatters name such a strong one in business circles across the United States - from Maine to California.

Our program is a carefully designed, well-orchestrated system that delivers, on time, every time, accurate payroll information and related services at affordable prices. For nearly thirty years, it has been a company "on the grow." And it's growing faster than ever.

Our Opportunity

We will provide the following services before you open the doors of your PayrollMatters franchise:
  • License you to use the trade name.
  • Training for you and additional staff members.
  • Assistance in finding a location if needed.
  • Help in acquiring inventory, supplies and equipment.
  • Help in marketing your services.
  • Assistance with your opening.
Once you've opened, we'll continue to support you several ways:
  • On-site consultations.
  • Telephone consultation support.
  • Ongoing advisory services.
  • Advertising assistance for local media.
  • Administrative support services as needed.
  • Proprietary product availability.
  • Ongoing training assistance where needed.
  • Ongoing industry updates and trend changes regarding service and product uses.
  • Problem solving assistance.
  • And more.
The "Payoff" You've Been Looking For

After many successful years in the business, we are now ready to take our growth to the next level. And that's the concept we offer to you, as a PayrollMatters franchisee.

Prior business experience is helpful, but not required in running a PayrollMatters franchise. We train individuals who are self-starters and possess the ability to learn skills necessary to manage the business. All you need to do is market your service to your target audience. And we'll even show you how to do that!

If you share that same sense of commitment, and the belief that "a job well done" is the only way to do a job, we'd like to talk with you.

Please complete the email form below for more information.

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