Platinum Series

Platinum Series Paint Business Opportunity Information:

Act now to take your share of this $400 Billion Industry!

The Product:

Platinum Series by Ceramyx™ is a new technology that combines proprietary ceramic micro-bubbles with a high quality, self-priming, 100% acrylic elastomeric permanent paint that possesses excellent adhesion and water resistant characteristics. Think paint that goes on liquid, has a 25 year association backed guarantee, protects against rust, mold, mildew and the elements AND pays for itself in utility bill savings.

Ceramic micro-bubbles reflect as much as 96% of the radiant heat. They also give added strength and abrasion resistance…they reduce heat and make the permanent paint more durable.

The result is Platinum Series by Ceramyx™ - a long lasting, protective permanent paint that creates a reflective thermal barrier, withstands severe temperature and temperature changes and provides long lasting protection against the sun, wind and rain. Users have experienced temperature reductions from 8% to over 20%. This can translate to reductions in cooling costs of up to 40%, increased productivity and significant reductions in maintenance expenses.

The System:

World Class Support:
  • Marketing systems and support are supplied by the same system that created the 28th fastest growing company on the INC 500
  • Sales system and support have been used in related fields to successfully double the sales closing ratios
  • Training is supplied by the same folks that have trained hundreds of small business owners nationally

And…all this support is only paid when YOU are successful!

That's right. Unlike other business opportunities that require huge sums of money up front just for the privilege of working with them, Platinum Series Permanent Paint requires very little up front and gets paid through your sales of the product.

The Market:

Property owners hate:
  • Having to hire a contractor to paint their homes time and again
  • Rude, dishonest, untimely contractors that have no respect for their time or property
  • Variances in bids. They don’t understand them. And, they HATE paying too much in utility bills

You see, we have taken the entire industry and reverse engineered the processes from the customer's point of view. We give a permanent paint that goes on as a liquid, like regular paint, in any color they choose, that is guaranteed for 25 years by not only the dealer but a national dealer's network. The permanent paint protects against mold and mildew and is proven to reduce utility bills. Our unique customer relationship management processes ensure that they are dealt with as valued customers by professionals.

The Opportunity:

You, a business person seeking opportunity, hate:
  • Having to pay large sums up front in the form of fees for an untried product or service
  • Not getting the support you need to effectively and profitably run your business
  • Getting involved in opportunities that don't pay off as you think they should

Platinum Series charges a ridiculously low dealership fee, gets paid only after you get paid and provides world-class support to ensure your success. In fact, we're so confident in the product, the system and YOU that we give a

100% Money Back Guarantee that you will make at least a 100% return on your dealership fee investment in the first year. That's a 100% return on your investment!

What's Expected From YOU?

This is not a franchise. We are seeking Dealers for our product line that could end up owning exclusive rights in their respective markets. At this point, we're asking you to do one thing…request more information.

Dealers have the option of being their own paint contractor, or, being the marketing/sales end for our products and securing paint contractors with our help to perform the labor.

No experience is necessary or required.

The potential is HUGE! This is the best product with the best support at the best price.
Don't delay.

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