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Q&A with Nicole C. Tomlin, Vice President of Operations and Development at Pop Weight Loss- Part 2

1. Provide an overview/ description of your industry. More Americans are overweight today than at any other time during our history.  Today, Americans are fed up with diets and diet plans, and are looking for lasting solutions to their weight management struggles.  Pop Weight Loss provides clients with the opportunity for real and lasting lifestyle changes.  Today, Americans are looking for weight loss plans that are tailored towards their individual needs, which is exactly what Pop Weight Loss provides.  Our industry is expanding at a time when many sectors of the economy are contracting.  The market for our services is projected to grow by the Centers for Disease Control.  

2. How has your industry changed in the last 10 years?  20 years?  The market for weight loss and weight management services is growing fast.  Consumers are increasingly turned off by one size fits all weight loss and weight management programs, and they are looking for individualized programs developed by medical professionals.  We believe this trend will continue to strengthen over the next few years, with more and more big box weight loss drop outs turning to programs like Pop Weight Loss.  

3. What trends do you see in your industry over the next 5 years?  Next 10 years?  As American waistlines continue to expand, our industry will continue to grow.  

4. What is the biggest concern about your industry that a franchisee candidate should be aware of and investigate?  We are most concerned about the use and abuse of weight loss medications and supplements by individuals who are desperate to lose weight without proper medical and nutritional supervision.  

5 .Why do you think your company stands out in the industry?  Pop Weight Loss doesn't just stand out from the rest, it is setting a new standard in weight loss as preventative medicine. Dr. Rebecca has watched her successful Pop Weight Loss graduates achieve better health through improvements in diet and exercise.  Pop Weight Loss looks at the whole client, and then develops a personalized plan geared towards helping the client achieve lasting weight loss and improve their health.  This "whole person" approach is one Dr. Rebecca takes to her franchise company,  she has dedicated herself to helping America lose weight, keep it off and improve their health.

6. What makes your franchise/ business opportunity more attractive than your competitor's?  Unlike our competitors, we are not one size fits all. We are flexible with our clients and we work with them to achieve their goals, and we bring that same mentality to franchising .

7. Describe the ideal candidate.  Do you think your requirements are any different than your competitor's? Our idea candidate would be someone who is in the wellness industry already, who is committed to helping those around them achieve permanent lifestyle changes through the vehicle of weight loss.  Unlike our competitors, we would love to bring in nutritionists.  

8. What's the strongest skill you require in a candidate?  Interest in nutrition and willingness to learn. 

9. Describe the working environment of your franchisees (indoors, home office, mobile, etc).  Is your environment typical of other companies in your industry?  Our franchisees will operate out of Pop Weight Loss Centers.  For franchisees with existing wellness businesses, we may allow them to operate the Pop Weight Loss franchise from the same location in our discretion. Other professionals will operate their businesses at stand along Pop Weight Loss centers.

10. Why has you're your company been successful?  Pop Weight Loss has been successful because it is the polar opposite of the one size fits all weight loss programs offered.  Each person is treated as an individual with individual goals and needs, and then a weight loss plan is developed for that individual's needs that addresses their goals and their lifestyle. Personal program, individualized plan, professional counseling, and lasting results.  

11. What advice would you give someone interested in buying a franchise in your industry?  Before considering a franchise purchase, begin with market and industry research, and ask yourself a couple of questions:  Are you interested in the industry you are researching?  Do you think it has growth potential in your area?  Who are the primary competitors in your market?  Are you a good fit as a franchisee, willing and able to work within a prescribed business model?   

12. How much experience in this industry should a franchisee candidate have should they consider buying a franchise in your industry?  We are interested in individuals with experience in the health and wellness industry, but we will provide all necessary training for an individual to run the Pop Weight Loss business, so experience in the industry is not necessary.  

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