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Positive Changes Hypnosis Center Franchise Information:

Are you looking for a rewarding, people-helping profession that also fulfills your entrepreneurial dreams? Look no further--Positive Changes is waiting for you! Positive Changes was developed as the result of over 16 years of operational research and testing. The Positive Changes formula is comprehensive, easy to implement and fully supported. We're looking for business-minded, entrepreneurial individuals with managerial experience, people skills and the willingness to invest their capital and their time. We will provide you with everything else you need. We offer an established marketing system and provide operational training and a proprietary 6-point hypnosis system-all you need to deliver results to your clients. Positive Changes will train you, assist you in finding the right location, help you recruit and train your staff, provide the tools, forms and checklists for your daily operations, and much more.

We're meeting a demand as North America's first and only franchised network of behavior modification centers utilizing hypnosis professionals. Our success is based on our exclusive Six-Point System. We offer weight loss, smoking cancellation, sports mastery, pain management and learning acceleration programs and more.

About Positive Changes

Positive Changes is the nation's only network of behavior modification centers using powerful personal coaching backed up by hypnosis to help people lose weight, quit smoking, reduce stress, manage pain, accelerate learning, master sales techniques, improve sports performance, and even experience stress-free childbirth …and much more. Founded by Patrick K. Porter, PhD, in 1987, the Positive Changes network has led the nation in successfully helping our clients accomplish the specific behavior and lifestyle changes they desire. We ensure clients' results with our exclusive Six-Point System, a comprehensive program of support designed with lasting results in mind.

Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements to own a Positive Changes franchise?
A: Business and management skills, people skills, the financial capability to open a center and the desire to help clients succeed. We provide the rest from A-Z!

Q: Do I need to be a hypnotist?
A: No. Either the owner or a manager will be trained in hypnosis. We can assist you in identifying and hiring qualified hypnotists in your area. We will also provide you with a full set of session scripts and a hypnotist intern-training package so you are able to train hypnotists yourself.

Q: What about training?
A: There is a mandatory weeklong training session at our corporate headquarters in Virginia Beach, and three or more days of on-site training when you are ready to open. The cost of training, minus your travel and lodging costs, is included in your franchise fee.

Q: What are the services a Positive Changes center can provide?
A: Through personal hypnosis sessions and over 200 pre-recorded hypnosis processes, Positive Changes is able to offer unprecedented client services and products in the following areas:

Seven Keys To Weight Loss Mastery®, Hypno-Quit® Smoking Cancellation, and customized Breakthrough Hypnosis System® programs for stress relief, phobia release, accelerated learning, success motivation, improved health, freedom from pain, sales mastery, sports performance, and more.

Our clients report that they have experienced additional benefits with each of these programs, including improved sleep and self-confidence, higher self-esteem, stress reduction, memory improvement and better health. Aside from those services, we also offer the following products:

Books, audio books, recorded hypnotic processes in the Personal Evolution Series, Weight Control Series, Smoking Cancellation Series, MindMastery, Better Health Series, Pain Free With Hypnosis, Alcohol Free With Hypnosis, Hypno-Learning® Series, Sales Mastery With Hypnosis and Golf Mastery through Self-Hypnosis, as well as the Hypno-Nutrition® Series on video and audio, Self-Hypnosis and Psycho-Linguistics® on video and audio, the Pathfinder II Light & Sound Relaxation System, dietary supplements, and hypnotist certification internship training.

Positive Changes Winning Formula

The success of our Positive Changes programs is based on our exclusive, comprehensive Six-Point System. Each of these six components is specifically designed to support you in achieving your goals. How are we different? Positive Changes' services offer the powerful combination of personal coaching backed up with state-of-the-art hypnosis methods and technology to maximize your results. Positive Changes offers programs specifically designed to empower individuals and to bring about lasting positive changes. Every program utilizes our exclusive, comprehensive Six-Point System to ensure that clients safely and successfully achieve their goals. At the same time, programs are personalized to help target the exact issues clients are facing so that they can achieve the changes they desire-at their own pace and in their own way. This is the winning Positive Changes formula that has already helped thousands of people.

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