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As an organization, our franchises have been providing staffing solutions to companies for over 25 years.


Financial requirements for this opportunity:
Liquid Capital:$55,000
What does Liquid Capital mean?


Options available to Buyers:
Financing:Via 3rd party

PrideStaff Franchise Information:

About Us
PrideStaff is a national staffing franchise organization consistently delivering innovative solutions to the staffing challenges employers face every day. We do this through a network of high caliber franchisees who have developed significant businesses by embracing the PrideStaff system. Over our 25 plus year history, our franchise model has been highly successful. PrideStaff has consistently outpaced the growth of the staffing industry year after year.

10% Annual Industry Growth
For the third decade in a row, the staffing industry has been one of the fastest growing industries. Following a decade of double-digit growth, the industry continues to be strong and the timing is good to open a franchise to take advantage of the rebounding economy."

The US Chamber of Commerce reports that over 98% of companies use temporary help as a part of management strategy.

Complimentary Strengths
The most successful staffing franchise owners are passionate self-starting business people who cherish their independence and success, and who wish to control their future. PrideStaff's franchising package has been developed specifically for this motivated, successful group. We have simplified the business management side of the business so you remain in unilateral control of your efforts.

PrideStaff's franchise program is designed to focus our resources and yours where they help you produce most efficiently. By following this philosophy, we create additional value that is shared between us.
  1. One of the Best Gross Margin Splits in the Industry - We offer one of the best splits in the staffing industry. You receive more. Find out how this is different.

  2. Affordable Franchise Fee - With a low cost franchise fee, we have devised a plan that helps to conserve your working capital.

  3. Inclusive Office Package - We require a high image, highly efficient office operation. A complete package of office furnishings, equipment and computer hardware and software has been designed to provide this strong physical presence with tremendous efficiency starting Day One.

  4. Leadership Team for Regional and National Support - We have built the PrideStaff leadership team to offer franchise owners training and support at our Home Office resource center, in the field, regionally, and at the PrideStaff annual convention Our franchise owners and staff participate in both classroom and on the job training. We operate on a system for continuous improvement in the support arena - always looking for ways to improve.

  5. Maximizing Productivity through Technology - We have an extensive Intranet system and are training and upgrading our web based skills testing on a regular basis. Our mission is to enable our franchise owners to work efficiently and productively with some of the latest technology.

  6. Provides Full Back Office Support of Payroll/Billing - We also provide the funding of the weekly temporary payroll, thereby drastically reducing the investment required to fund a fast growing business and enabling you to expand your business more rapidly.

Franchise opportunities are available in most major markets.

We are proud to be the first franchisees that PrideStaff awarded. With our hard work and commitment to the PrideStaff system, we have built a multi-million dollar business, with 3 offices, employing over 300 hundred employees. The PrideStaff franchise provides us with all the systems, training and support to enjoy the freedom of business ownership.
Jenny & David Chesnik. Phoenix, AZ

This year will mark my five-year anniversary with PrideStaff. I continue to be amazed by the level of support I receive from our Home Office. I am also impressed by the systems that we have. We have every benefit of a large national company but with the personal feel of a small company. I am proud to be a PrideStaff owner, and proud of what our company is accomplishing.
Megan Marquez, Owner/Manager, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Exceeding expectations" is PrideStaff's stated mission. We got more than we ever expected when we signed on with PrideStaff. We became an integral part of a professional and honorable community where our colleagues quickly became our friends.
Arlene and David Segal, Blue Bell, PA

Becoming a franchise owner was the best option for us to earn the money that we wanted to make, plan for our future and enable us to have the flexibility we wanted down the road. Thank you again for all of your support.
Michelle E. Langley, Owner/Manager, Irvine, CA

Franchise Fee: $24,500


PrideStaff Staffing is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

Interested parties should have at least $40,000 in liquid capital to invest.