ProTracGPS Franchise Opportunity Information:

Are you searching for a business that combines your passion for golf with a desire to operate a successful business in a growing industry?

The Market
Throughout a round of golf, golfers are required to make distance determinations on most shots for purposes of club selection. Putting this into perspective, there are over 40 billion distance determinations made annually by more than 26 million U.S. golfers playing 560 million rounds of golf each year in the U.S. (560 million rounds multiplied by approximately 75 non-putter strokes per round). In making distance determinations, the average golfer must rely on course distance markers that are seldom where the golfer's ball lies. As a result, the golfer slows play by having to look for the markers and then pacing off the distance from the marker to the ball. This can also lead to inaccurate distance determinations which negatively impact the golfer's score. In addition, course markers do not provide the often-needed critical distances to and over sand traps, water hazards, through fairways, etc.

The ProTracGPS system provides a state-of-the-art solution to golfers' frustration by allowing the golfer to move next to their ball and conveniently look at a full-color screen display for the distance to the green, sand traps, water hazard, etc. By providing this information quickly and accurately, ProTracGPS helps golfers play Better, Faster and with More Confidence. Cart-mount GPS systems, currently in use at 600 U.S. courses, have proven that golfers are willing to pay up to $5 per-round for GPS capabilities because the systems (1) speed play and reduce frustration by eliminating the need to look for course yardage markers and (2) lower the golfer's score by providing accurate distances to the green, sand traps, water hazards, etc. to assist golfers in making club selections.

For the golf course, GPS provides them with the opportunity to increase annual revenue by $25,000 to $150,000 by raising per-round greens/cart fees by $1 to $5. In addition, with the overall increased speed of play resulting from the golfer's use of GPS, courses can realize an additional $10,000 to $30,000 annually from increased rounds due to faster play.

The Product
ProTracGPS is the next generation of Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) yardage systems. Unlike the costly cart-based GPS yardage systems found primarily at resorts and private clubs, ProTrac is a handheld stand-alone unit that requires no mainframe computer system, special course markers, or permanent mounting on a golf cart to operate. ProTracGPS can be used by both walkers and riders as it can be carried using a bag-mount or mounted to a cart. Developed using handheld computer and GPS technologies, ProTracGPS is powered by proprietary software that connects directly to the global positioning satellites. ProTracGPS provides a plethora of game-improving features at a fraction of the cost of traditional cart-based GPS systems. Golf facilities appreciate the affordability and simplicity of the ProTracGPS system, which include:
  • No Setup Cost
  • No Long-term Commitment
  • No Cart Modification
  • No Central Computer Required
  • No Maintenance Issues

The Opportunity
The ProTracGPS Franchise Program offers entrepreneurial-minded individuals the ability to take part in the emerging GPS revolution in golf. Exclusive franchise territories are now being offered throughout the U.S. to individuals who wish to take part in this growing opportunity. Under the ProTracGPS franchise program, franchisees are responsible for marketing ProTracGPS to golf facilities in their territory and providing on-site support. ProTrac Franchise Systems, Inc. backs our franchise network with full hardware and software maintenance support to ensure consistent and reliable operations.

The ProTracGPS franchise program offers the following:
  • Exclusive territories
  • Operate from home
  • Low overhead expenses
  • Option to work full or part-time - with or without employees
  • Comprehensive 5-day Franchise Training conducted at the Corporate Office and in your franchise territory
  • Ongoing operations and sales support
  • Hardware and software support and updates
  • Proven marketing and sales programs
  • Corporate Office Support including 800# and ProTrac website
  • Standardized forms and materials
  • Ongoing product development

Initial Investment
The total investment required ranges from $115,400 to $205,050 including the franchise fee and an initial inventory of ProTracGPS systems.

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