Racing Viper Rentals

What Does a Racing Viper Rentals Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$3,985

Racing Viper Rentals Franchise Information:
WOW!!!! Own a Racing Viper Rentals franchise license starting at only $3,985 including use of the VIPER and Complete Turnkey Business!

Own your very own wild and high demand viper sportscar rental specialty franchise package starting at only $3,985! This franchise license offer is good for the month of JUNE and JULY only!!! No monthly viper payments! Use our fleet and our credit!

Racing Viper Rentals has a fleet of viper muscle sportscars. We don't just rent vipers, we customize them with print ads. We license our concept to entrepreneurs like you to own their very own specialty sportscar rental business providing rental fun from a wide array of ideas of mobile sign billboards promoting local and national businesses who love to advertise on our vipers, childrens birthday parties, corporate parties, everyday fun rentals and wedding rentals to husbands and wifes who want something different then the average limo rental! We are expanding nationwide to better service our customers.

What we are offering you as a Racing Viper Rentals franchise licensee!
You can own your very own lucrative and unique sportscar business in your city or town starting at only $3,985! This is a turnkey business that includes everything you need including the viper sportscars to get started. Customers contact you by phone booking rentals. We will then bring the vipers to you each month by delivery truck! You can average up to $10,500 profit a month in rental fees per viper! No hidden cost or monthly payments!

Do you help me find customers?
We sure do! We have a list of names in your area so you can give out your business card so they may contact you directly to book rentals! Thousands of businesses advertise every month! Thousands of birthdays and corporate parties happen every month! Thousands of weddings happen every month! Our business concept simply never runs out of a customer who want to see their name or advertisement on our vipers and enjoy wild fun rides!!

What do I need to own a Racing Viper Rentals Business?
Once you contact our company, proof you have the minimum start up capital of $3,985 to buy the franchise license, a cell phone for customers to book rentals, a garage to store the viper sportscar when we bring it to you for the month, a local business license to operate legally, business cards, obtain business insurance that usually runs about $200 a month depending on your driving record, be able to drive a stick or learn and most important a friendly attitude and the love of VIPER SPORTSCARS!

How can Racing Viper Rentals offer such a low start up price to buy a license?

Our company has great credit and a proven background. It is impossible for us to be in many cities on a daily basis, so as the old saying goes, two heads are better then one! Someone who owns the business cares more then if they just worked for the business.

How soon can I be open for business?
Our company was founded by Lee Niblett 6 years ago who started out small in his home and today operates nationwide! We are a fast growing company that is fully licensed with a proven concept so you can be up and running in 5 days or less. The demand is huge with people who love to rent fun things and get attention. Face it, the american sportscar is hot and everybody loves to get noticed. Seeing their name or business on our vipers is hot running the roadways! You will be required to fill out an application for approval.

Be prepared to submit proof by fax to our corporate office you in fact have the $3,985 franchise licensing fee and other requirements along with our application as stated above to be considered. We only have 3 franchise license packages available at this price and after July 2007 they will go up to our regular price of $9,950 unless they sell out first.

NOTE: This franchise is only currently being offered to residents of the United States

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