Rainbow Years Preschool Center

Rainbow Years Preschool Franchise:

The love of learning and the thrill of success.

The Rainbow Years Preschool Center™ franchise opportunity offers all that...

and much more!

Never before have the needs of young children and their families been more pressing. More than half of all mothers of preschool children work outside of their homes and need some form of childcare. With the number of two-parent working families and single parents on the increase, the demand for superior center-based childcare is growing, yet true quality care is sometimes difficult to find. The Rainbow Years Preschool Center™ franchise opportunities are fully licensed day care and preschool learning centers that provide a stimulating and safe environment for children to learn and grow in well-balanced programs that combine nurturing, education and play.

Since our establishment in 1986, the Rainbow Years Preschool Center™ concept has provided quality care with extended hours as well as the traditional preschool classes for the important early childhood years. We have offered different models in order to meet the needs of each individual community.

It all starts with preschool and the opportunity to set children on the right path to a lifetime love of learning and the guarantee of a bright future. That is part of what makes the Rainbow Years Preschool Center™ franchise opportunity such a promising one--the opportunity to touch the lives of many and make a difference in all the lives we touch!

Let us "school" you on this A+ opportunity

The Rainbow Years Preschool Center™ franchising opportunity is an excellent one for several key reasons.

1. It's "leading edge."

First, it represents the absolute best in early childhood educational opportunities! The National Association for the Education of Young Children has accredited existing units, an honor earned by only 6% of the licensed preschool centers in this country. The Rainbow Years Preschool Franchise Center™ opportunity is recognized as a leader in its field.

2. It addresses a need that is not being met.

With more than half of all mothers of preschool children now in the work force, the care of their children is a major concern. Most families use some form of childcare to supplement the care and education that the child receives from his parents. The Rainbow Years Preschool Center™ curriculum provides the best education possible for the young child while also meeting the needs of parents.

3. It offers the chance to provide a valued public service and build a strong, respected business at the same time.

Each business opportunity seeker will have the opportunity to create a child development center that recognizes the individual potential of children: we treat each child as unique, working systematically with them. The Rainbow Years Preschool Center™ belief is that children need to be respected and cared for in a safe, nurturing environment. We teach a love of learning by allowing children to experience their own stage of development and helping them to feel success without pressure. We create happiness and provide security while being role models to our nation's most precious resource.

4. Parents love the concept!

We value the active involvement of parents in our program. We encourage parents to volunteer their time to read a book, tell a story, talk about their job, or demonstrate a craft. Parents are invited to many school functions such as orientation, field trips, recitals, special events, training sessions, and end-of-the-year ceremonies and are free to visit at any time. School then becomes a shared experience that should continue throughout each child's educational process.

The Rainbow Years Preschool Center™ franchise opportunity provides a wide range of services for a wide range of children and their families. If you share this same sense of commitment, and the belief that "a job well done" is the only way to do a job, let's talk.

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