What Does a SecurePay Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$12,975

SecurePay Business Opportunity Information:

One Billion Electronic Payments Annually
Makes This The Hottest Business In America!

SecurePay meets the needs of the 33 million families that do not utilize bank accounts, debit cards, or credit cards. The SecurePay solution provides a way to pay any and all bills in seconds in one of our Secure Payment stores.

Now you can get involved in an exciting new business opportunity where you make money on each and every transaction that is processed through your SecurePay Payment Systems. Thousands of companies have already signed on to receive their payments through our system, with new companies signing on each week.

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Typically, the un-banked consumer will cash their paycheck on Friday, travel to several locations to make local bill payments, and purchase money orders to pay bills that are not local.

Purchasing and mailing one money order for each bill can be a hassle. It still takes 7 - 10 days for those payments to hit the billing cycle. The SecurePay solution replaces the need for inconvenient money orders. Our SecurePay locations will be found close to ones home or neighborhood throughout the continental United States.

The SecurePay solution is an easy to use, menu driven application that can be accessed anywhere an internet connection is available. As the number of SecurePay participating vendors increases the service becomes increasingly more valuable.

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