Snitch Franchise Information:

Welcome to SNITCH, the most exciting and unique new franchise opportunity in years!

Let's face it. So many franchise opportunities are more of the same. Food services, cleaning and home repair, retailing -- there are many good opportunities out there, but none like SNITCH.

Like other franchises, a SNITCH franchise gives you the opportunity to own your own business. But, unlike those others, being a SNITCH publisher also allows you to perform a serious public service -- reporting on crime -- in a way your readers will find both informative and entertaining, your advertisers will find both unique and compelling, and you could find both profitable and rewarding.

What is SNITCH?
SNITCH is a feisty, free, weekly newspaper devoted to crime and distributed in racks and stacks in various locations throughout the community. It delivers essential information and content that both informs and entertains, while helping communities fight crime. SNITCH franchisees generate revenue by selling advertising space to businesses interested in reaching the publication's broad audience.

After nearly three years of continuous, successful operations in Louisville, Kentucky-and the recent launches of several new SNITCH newspapers from coast to coast-we're now offering qualified and committed individuals and investor groups the opportunity to publish SNITCH newspapers in new geographies, either as stand alone newspapers or as parts of multi-unit newspaper groups. As we grow, and as the SNITCH brand gains further national notoriety, these opportunities may multiply into other media outlets and business opportunities.

However, as you might expect, SNITCH is not for everyone. Successful SNITCH publishers or publishing teams have a unique combination of exceptional sales skills and business savvy. We have the outstanding concept, first-rate training and excellent support systems to make such people winners in the highly competitive and dynamic world of free newspaper publishing.

Our Concept
  • A rapidly growing network of franchised, free, weekly newspapers
  • Crime-focused
  • A mix of local and nationally syndicated content
  • Distributed in racks and stacks in various locations throughout the community
  • A fit for territories big and small
  • Both informative and entertaining
  • A little edgy, kinda feisty and sometimes funny
  • Pro-law & order and anti-criminal, but not political or editorially biased
  • A community awareness builder and thus a crime fighter as well as a crime reporter
  • A revenue-generating vehicle via advertising sales
SNITCH Franchisees Receive:
  • Rights to use the SNITCH trademarks, templates and business processes to publish a weekly, free, crime-oriented SNITCH newspaper.
  • An exclusive territory.
  • The operating manuals needed to open and operate a SNITCH newspaper.
  • Comprehensive advertising sales support, including proven advertising sales templates, experience and expertise, formal training, and rate card and other advertising sales collateral creation assistance.
  • Ongoing new sales promotions ideas and templates.
  • Fresh, compelling weekly content.
  • Extensive training on SNITCH franchising editorial practices and policies.
  • Designers on staff who can create eye-catching advertisements and editors who can properly layout those ads, together with the other editorial content, on SNITCH newspaper pages.
  • Help and expertise on locating contract printers, on bidding out the work and on finalizing the business arrangements.
  • Training and assistance on initially establishing and managing distribution.
  • Extensive training on the systems, processes and procedures necessary to complete the ongoing administrative tasks required to publish a SNITCH newspaper, including: advertising contract tracking, financial bookkeeping, and distribution tracking, just to name a few.
  • Administrative personnel on staff who can handle your SNITCH newspaper's administrative tasks on your behalf.
  • Benefits from national SNITCH brand advertising campaigns, press initiatives and other SNITCH brand building efforts.
  • Ongoing consultation on all facets of operating a single or multiple SNITCH newspapers.
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