SoundLion, Inc.

Sound Lion is a unique, one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity that puts entrepreneurs at the forefront of $22B retail audio industry. Our brands, marketing strategy and support processes will position you to succeed in this growing market. Join Sound Lion today if you can Hear the Roar!

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What Does a SoundLion, Inc. Franchise Cost?

To buy a franchise with SoundLion, Inc., you'll need to have at least $75,000 in liquid capital. Franchisees can expect to make a total investment of $189,300 - $297,500. *

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Financial requirements for this franchise:
Liquid Capital:$75,000
What does Liquid Capital mean?
Total Investment:$189,300 - $297,500
What does Total Investment mean?


Options available to Franchisees:
Financing:Not Available

Franchisor Details

Facts about this Franchise:
Home Office: Arlington, MA
Year Founded:2012

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The Sound Lion Experience

Hear the Roar at Sound Lion

At Sound Lion we believe that the best Personal Listening Experience comes from customizing specific product solutions to an individual’s taste and hearing structure. Everyone’s taste in music and sound is different, of course, but it's also important to know that everyone’s sense and perception of sound is different too. Depending on one’s ear structure (inside and outside), head size, age, and other factors, we all hear music and other sounds a bit differently. Additionally, all music listening products are made differently and are of differing quality.

The pathway to better sound, better music, and a customized listening solution is the Sound Lion Personal Listening Experience. At Sound Lion we offer the ability to try on different headphones at our Listening Bar. We believe that purchasing a listening product needs to be a customized experience during which several products are tested.

In each of our stores, our customers can hang out at our Listening Bar and try out a product before buying it. Customers can test it on our in-house music or bring in their own music.

We even offer our customers free support after the purchase of a sound product.

Why Should You Choose Sound Lion?

  • $22 billion audio retail market in US
  • Headphones grew 23% in 2012
  • Headphones are a $2 billion market
  • Wireless Speaker and Soundbar sales grew 50% in 2012
  • Total speaker market at $20 billion
  • Growth driven primarily by demand for smart devices and digital content
  • Demand for smartphones and tablets has been strong resulting in continued growth for audio
  • Franchisee training and support from a seasoned team with 30+ years of retail experience
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Support Makes All The Difference

We provide a franchise system designed to support all of your business needs. Sound Lion is committed to a superior level of service for our franchisees. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Branded Business Plan Template
  • Site Selection & Real Estate Expertise
  • In-house Design & Construction Consultation
  • Academy of Rock Sound Lion Training Program
  • Comprehensive Operations Manual
  • New Venue Opening Plan
  • Local Venue Marketing Toolkit
  • National Brand Building Efforts
  • Sales Analysis
  • Inventory Turn Analysis
  • Open-to-Buy Plan
  • Vendor Relations & Buying Program
  • Field Support
  • Genuine Passion to See You Succeed

The Investment

In the United States total project costs to open and operate a single venue can be between US $174,300 and US $279,500, including $35,000 that must be paid to the franchisor as an initial franchise fee. This amount will vary depending upon what type of venue you choose for your location, i.e. mall or lifestyle center. The amount will be substantially more if you are considering more than one store, such as a franchise development agreement.

What Are The Fees?
Single and subsequent single Venue agreements in the United States: The initial fee for a single Venue in the US is US $35,000. The royalty is four percent (4%) of gross sales, which is paid weekly. In addition, one half of one percent (0.5%) of gross sales is contributed to the Brand Building & Marketing Support Fund on a weekly basis.

Does Sound Lion® Provide Financing?
Sound Lion® does not provide financing or derive profits from outside lenders. The company can assist with finding appropriate lenders for individual financing needs.

What is The Brand Building & Marketing Support Fund?
This fund provides franchisees with professional visual merchandising and local marketing materials. Fees contributed to the Brand Building & Marketing Support Fund are paid weekly and are currently one half of one percent (0.5%) of gross sales.

Sound Lion’s Ideal Franchisee

At Sound Lion, we know our products inside and out. We also understand hearing, the ear and some of the intricacies of sound and acoustics. We also know a thing or two about digital music. We can assist our customers in using music apps and other digital media as a way to experience better sound and better music.

With that being said, we're looking for entrepreneurs with a passion for music! We need leaders who can build and manage their teams to excel in a fast paced, growing retail audio market! People who have sales, marketing, and/or management experience are ideal. You must have a minimum of $100k in liquid capital, and be ready to make a full-time commitment.

Join Sound Lion today if you can Hear the Roar!

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SoundLion, Inc. is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, D.C.

Interested parties should have at least $70,000 in liquid capital to invest.

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* This information may have changed since first published. We recommend that you always verify fees, investment amounts, and offers with the business opportunity directly prior to making a decision to invest.