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South Beach Naturals Center Franchise Information:

A Unique "Niche" In An Emerging Market…
For years, we've seen it coming. And now it's here. The baby boomers have entered middle age. In fact, boomers are turning 50 at a rate of one every seven seconds. Yes, the boomers are aging. But unlike earlier generations, they are taking a greater interest in their personal appearance, health and well-being.

South Beach Naturals helps people of all ages achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle through "total well-care." People of all ages and genders, especially those of the baby boom generation, are beginning to take a more serious interest in their overall healthcare, including the effective management of the aging process. We provide a place for them to find truly professional help and guidance in that.

We are an innovative, cutting-edge company with a superior line of safe, physician prescribed, health, nutrition, beauty, sports/fitness, and healthy-aging products with a CLIA Certified scientific lab testing to scientifically validate their effectiveness.

Prestige…Upscale, Professional Customer Base
Would you like a career working with sophisticated, educated people - people who are considered "upscale" by any demographic definition? If so, South Beach Naturals could be the business you've been looking for! When it comes to customers, you'll be introducing our products and services to some of America's most talented and highly trained professional people: licensed healthcare practitioners.

This large market includes physicians (both MD's and DO's) across all practice areas; chiropractors, podiatrists, optometrists, nurses, dieticians, and physical therapists, as well as licensed acupuncturists and massage therapists, etc. You'll assist them in building a profitable "South Beach Wellness Center" within their very own professional practice, as they provide our outstanding sports & fitness, health, nutrition and healthy-aging Nutraceutical and skin-care products and services to their patients and clients. Then, you\'ll show them how to implement our innovative publicity campaigns to drive more new cash paying patients to their practice to help them enhance their cash-flow and increase their bottom-line.

A "Healthy" Franchise Opportunity
South Beach Naturals is different. We are not a health club or membership organization. We are Professional Wellness Consultants who offer individually tailored programs to an exclusive group of Licensed Health Practitioners within a Protected Franchise Territory who want to help their Patients to begin a total wellness program, lose weight, slow-down the aging process and become more physically fit through the use of proven, safe medically supervised nutrition, personal care and exercise techniques.

The South Beach Naturals Franchise Support Advantage…
Franchisees benefit from a seasoned, management/advisory team that brings a combined total of 60+ years in franchising, business, finance, medical, and related management experience to this venture. As a member of our franchise network, you'll benefit right from the start from our experience in the wellness and healthy-aging industry. Our outstanding team of professionals is dedicated to serving you.

The excellent franchise-owner support services you'll receive include:
  • Company Identity, Brand Awareness, and Logo
  • Protected Territory
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Operations & Marketing Manuals
  • Advertising, Publicity and Promotional Ideas and Materials
  • Dazzling Product Display Units
  • State-of-the-Marketing System
  • Superb Website
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Ongoing Support
  • Custom Van Design Package (Your "billboard on wheels")
At South Beach Naturals we have a great support staff that will work with you. We will hold your hand and provide meaningful training and support until you are successful.

The South Beach Naturals Franchise Advantage…
South Beach Naturals is proud to be a franchise company. A growing number of Americans are turning to franchising to realize their dreams and goals. As a South Beach Naturals franchise owner, not only will you provide an important service to one of America's most important and fastest growing markets, but you'll also have access to our dynamic business system. It's the engine that keeps everything operating smoothly and efficiently. Best of all, you do not need any health-related or business experience.

Look at the advantages that franchising can offer you:
  • A Giant Industry
  • A Viable Business Model
  • An Established System of Operation
  • Business Ownership…Organizational Support
Franchisees Benefit From:
  • Being in front of an emerging trend with the industry forerunner
  • The strength of the Business "System of Operations"
  • Start-up training & ongoing support
  • Progressive franchise development services by FranCorp
Area Development Franchises and Prime Master Franchise Territories now available to serious, qualified, investors!

Over the years, we've done all the planning and testing - all the trial and error - in making our business system what it is today. We invite you to join us...

South Beach Naturals…The Opportunity is NOW!
"It's not because we're in a race to get ahead. It's because there's another race we care more about…the human race!" - Carol Brothers, CEO

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