Strides Women's Fitness

Strides Women's Fitness Franchise has developed an excellent and fun program, as well as profit sharing incentives!

Strides Women's Fitness Franchise Information:


Strides Women's Fitness franchise is the ONLY opportunity of its kind to offer franchisees profit sharing incentives! We have developed an excellent and fun program to cash in on the multi-billion dollar women's 30-minute fitness & weight loss business and we want to share this opportunity with you!

Strides Concept
The combination of a cardiovascular workout and strength training with hydraulic resistance, while keeping the heart rate in the training range, is a highly effective way to burn fat and increase metabolism. These days, most women have very little time for themselves. We make it possible for them to get a complete, effective workout in only 30 minutes!

Our workout system is fun, safe, non-intimidating, and effective. It provides a full body-slimming, cardiovascular, strength training, muscle toning workout that's safe for all ages to enjoy. Our members make exercise a habit, at their own fitness level.

Interested in Owning a Strides?
Our concept is highly successful for one very simple reason: it works! Your clients will lose inches and pounds easily and quickly, becoming healthy and happy members of the Strides family.


Owning a Strides will provide you with the satisfaction of helping women in your area make incredible "Strides" toward becoming beautifully fit, healthy, and happy.

A Strides in your own "exclusive and protected" area includes:

  • Strides patented equipment
  • Official Strides start-up manual including forms, contracts, and creative marketing strategies
  • Everything you need at your fingertips. Our staff will supply the formula for handling all start-up procedures. No prior business knowledge is necessary for a new owner
  • Professional training
  • Ongoing support for any and all of your needs
Your Own Strides Women's Fitness Center Can Be Very Rewarding and Lucrative

  • If you purchase a Strides franchise, you are then eligible for one-fourth of all profits from all future Strides franchises (initial franchise fees) sold in your state, which are directly generated from your efforts or referrals from your location.
  • We have no objection to you selling any products of your own choosing, which will make you additional supplemental income.
Investment Information
  • Franchise fee $8,900--limited time
  • Regular Franchise Fee is $10,900
  • 20 station equipment package - $15,000
  • If the territory you purchase is large enough to support more than one site you may open another site without an additional franchise fee.
  • We have a Strides approved lender for financing of Strides packages and related opening costs.
  • 2 or more franchises for the price of one!
Why Strides vs. All The Other\'s?

You will be working with and have the suport of the owners of Strides Franchise Corporation, not a sales representative, that\'s why!

The owners of Strides Women\'s Fitness Franchise, Paula and Rocky, are committed and dedicated to your individual success and have spent an unbelievable amount of time, research, sweat and capital to start this franchise corporation. They know that all that money, time, effort, etc., will be wasted if ALL Strides locations are not extremely lucrative. They must and will succeed and they will do everything in their power to insure that they do. Their goal is to make Strides very famous and all Strides Franchisees successful, and they WILL succeed!

In Rocky\'s Own Words

"I am a self made millionaire who retired (I prefer to use the term "became financially independent" because it doesn't sound so old!) at age 47. I am very much accustomed to succeeding in businesses that I start. Strides Women's Fitness will be very famous soon.

My business partner and great friend Paula, as well as my wife Grace, have both been Fitness Professional Certified by the American Council on Exercise since 1987. They are both committed to making every aspect of Strides exceptional for women of all ages.

We will guide you every step of the way and do everything we can to insure that your STRIDES is operating in the best possible manner. We will provide complete training (use of equipment, setting up check drafts, sales techniques, etc., and every other phase of the operation of your location), for you and a member of your staff for one week at our headquarters in Toms River, NJ. We will have a mentor at your location for opening day and the entire first week of operations. She will insure that everything is done in the best possible manner and that you and your staff are completely prepared to operate the facility.

Paula, Grace and I will personally be available for help, support, or any questions you may have, at any time, before you open and for as long as you are operating your Strides.

It is absolutely vital to us that you have a prosperous facility, for this will create a demand for future Strides locations in your state and across the country. "

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Strides Women's Fitness is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

Wyoming, West Virginia, Vermont, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Nebraska, North Carolina, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan, Maine, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Idaho, Iowa, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, Colorado, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Alaska