What Does a SunKatz Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$9,550

SunKatz Business Opportunity:
If you are ready to enter an exciting and profitable hands-on business now, then read on!

Who We Are

Sunkatz, a division of Kalben Inc., a Nevada Corporation, announces a consulting program for a fee of $9,550 that will get you into the exciting Sunglass business.

Everyone has a pair of sunglasses, so the market is huge and what you need is the right location. You will see a typical operation that currently is generating over $15,000 per month.

What You\'ll Get

The package includes:
  • Techniques of Developing a Wholesale Business
  • Marketing from a Kiosk or Cart
  • List of Approved Suppliers
  • Styles and Other Items to Emphasize Your Business
For a monthly fee of $75 we will keep you in touch with new developments in the industry, new suppliers as well as other products available to you.

Join Us Now!

Get in touch with us today for more information on this exciting low-cost adventure. The consulting will take place in Las Vegas and is held on a one-on-one schedule so all the details will be implanted to the interested party without a large group distraction.

Plan a weekend in Las Vegas and you can go home to your own venture!

In addition, for the fee you will also receive 956 pair of selected sunglasses.

If you are ready to get in a business in the next month and ready to schedule a trip into Las Vegas in the next couple of weeks, get in touch with us. You can do this with our consulting help, so decide if you\'re ready NOW.

If you can find a better business with this kind of return for under $10,000, then call THEM immediately. If you\'re exhausted trying to find a decent place to spend your time and money, this is for you.

We will help lift the load from your shoulders, but only if you\'re ready to move ahead!

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