Tel2Net Internet Terminals Business Information:

Tel2Net is an infrastructure company as well as a network operator of public access Internet terminals offering a solution for high-speed public terminals that access e-mail and the Internet. The Company was founded in 2001 as a venture to grow a very large-scale network of superior Internet-ready terminals throughout the continental United States.

The principal product of Tel2Net is an automated, web-enabled terminal designed to accept cash or credit card payments for services on a Pay-Per-Use basis. Tel2Net provides an anonymous gateway to the Internet for users from public places, interested in gaining high speed access to the Internet and using a variety of online services provided by various online providers, while away from the convenience of their home and office.

Our operators arrange, through a contracted revenue sharing plan, to have Tel2Net technology installed and located in a variety of public locations so access to the Internet is a service the proprietor desires to deliver to the public. Principle markets include but not limited to travel, tourism, hospitality and transportation as well as, taverns, sports bars, mass merchants and grocery chains. Tel2Net is positioned to capture a leading share of the U.S. market.

Why Choose Us?
WebPayphones are expected to quickly become as accessible as ATM machines. The boom years of payphones in the 70's and ATM machines in the 80's have earned entrepreneurial individuals millions of dollars. Now, the new and exciting market of WebPayphones is poised to explode and earn money for the few motivated people that see its future and are ready to act.

According to Vending Times, the vending industry as a whole generates approximately $37.4 billion dollars in revenue annually, and this figure is growing each year at a steady pace. Currently, WebPayphones only account for a small portion of this revenue, however, the services that WebPayphones provide and the demand they generate are expected to dramatically increase.The key to success is to get involved before the market takes off. Tel2Net offers you that opportunity so you're not struggling to catch up or miss the window of opportunity entirely.

When owning a brick and mortar business there are too many potential pitfalls that could make or break the business, such as employee salaries, advertising and inventory expenses, limited hours of operation, ineffective sales force, fixed location……. The list goes on and on. With your WebPayphones these pitfalls no longer exist.

You can move your WebPayphones from location to location. They're that portable! You can run your business from home. Minimal time is required to clean the machines, keep it running and collect your money. Each WebPayphone provides point-of-sale advertising. Each location has employees that can act as security to protect the machines. WebPayphones can make you money 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for many years.

Your universe of opportunity is virtually unlimited.
There is an incredibly wide variety of locations where Webpayphones can make money for you, either as cash or credit card payments. Every now and then an opportunity comes along to profit by capitalizing on a new product just as the next wave of the future is beginning to form. A few imaginative people see its potential and ride it to great success, while others struggle to catch up later.

Maybe you missed such opportunities in the past simply because you didn't see them. It took vision to see the future of such ideas in the vending business as …. Snack machines…. Payphones….. and now Tel2Net high speed WebPayphones! A great opportunity has just fallen onto your hands: the Tel2Net WebPayphone offering high speed public internet access! These convenient, attention grabbing and secure pay-per-use machines can help you establish the most exciting new vending business today!

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