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What Does a Tender Software Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$8,400 - $50,200
Net Worth Required:$8,400 - $50,200
Total Investment:$8,400 - $50,200

Franchisor Details

Total Units:2 (1 - Australia, 1 - Texas)
Year Founded:2007
Home Office: California

The Best IT Developers For Business Needs

Are you a Software Developer? Or a Project Manager? Or have experience in Outsourcing?

If yes, then this is the franchise for you!

Who We Are
Tender Software provides highly skilled software development resources to U.S. business IT departments, software companies, and design studios.

What We Do
We maintain top tier development offices in India, to which business clients can outsource software development to reduce their costs while maintaining quality. Our rate that clients pay for standard development is $14.99hr.

Franchisee Role
As a Tender Software Franchisee, your role will be to introduce new clients to the offshore offices, and then maintain the business relationship and help facilitate communication. You do not need to be involved in hands on software development or project management.

Franchisee Suitability
You must have some experience in software development or outsourcing processes and a general knowledge common programming languages so that you are able to talk to clients in a professional way. You must also be willing and able to travel to India for training (our US CEO will meet you there). Please only submit an inquiry if you meet these two criteria.

Staff’s Skill Set

Our staff goes through extensive testing during our recruiting process. All of our people have a Bachelor’s degree, and most have a Master’s in Computer Applications. Our skill set includes:

  • PHP, Zend, Codeignitor, WordPress, Magento, Laravel, Silverstripe, OpenCart, OSCommerce, Joomla, MVC Pattern, Shopify
  • .Net, ASP.net, C#, WCF (with RESTfull API), WPF, MVC, Telerik (Kendo), Lightswitch, DotNetNuke, Silverlight, MS Access, AWS
  • Responsive design, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, jQueryMobile, Ajax, Bootstrap, AngularJS
  • Mobile Application Development for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile using Objective-C, Java, C# with IDE Xcode, Eclipese and Xamarin
  • Ruby on Rails, SEO, Asterisk (voip)
  • A dedicated ISTQB® (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) team and
  • Graphic Design

In addition to the above, we have an in-house recruiting agency and can recruit for other skills upon request. Our access to the India labor force – the world’s largest pool of IT talent – gives us the ability to quickly recruit top resources for most skills.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Enterprises both small and large are finding that the cost savings of outsourcing their IT services offer an incredibly compelling benefit to the bottom line. The low cost of operating offshore, combined with our long term established presence in the India market, permits Tender to deliver highly skilled IT developers at a price of just $14.99 per hour.

By taking the IT burden at this low price point, Tender frees our clients to focus on delivering their core products and services more effectively and efficiently, while enjoying the materially improved cost structure vs. recruiting, hiring, and retaining U.S.-based resources.

Our deep bench of IT professionals permits us to ramp up to scale quickly, while our clients enjoy minimal-to-no costs of entry, overhead, or wind-down. Tender Software has nearly a decade of experience in working with clients across the globe to assist them with their outsourcing goals, and U.S.-based local representatives are just a phone call away.

Ideal Candidate

It is important that you have some understanding of software development or outsourcing processes and a general knowledge common programming languages so that you are able to talk to clients in a professional way.

You must be willing and able to travel to India for training. The initial 3 day training program is conducted on site in our offices in South India by Tender Software Inc’s founder and CEO (who is a bald, white Australian man). You should allow 5 – 7 days out of the US, plus a few extra days if you would like to go and see the Taj Mahal (you should, it is amazing!) Tender Software’s founder and CEO will meet you in India to introduce you to key Indian staff, and we will arrange all internal travel and excellent hotels to ensure that your time in India is comfortable and safe.

As a Tender Software Franchisee, your role will be to find new clients, introduce the client to the offshore offices via teleconferencing, then maintain the business relationship and help facilitate communication in return for a 25% commission of all work from your clients. You generally do not need to be involved in project management as our clients all work directly with the offshore developers and manage their own projects. You do need to be a good communicator and project an image of a being a trustworthy outsourcing partner to assist with clients’ outsourcing goals.

If you are currently involved in other businesses or a job then it is no problem to still be a Tender Software Franchisee, however you must always be contactable by phone and email to answer Tender Software Client inquiries. Your office is your laptop and your cell phone, and they can be anywhere, whether that be working another job, operating another business, working from home, or sitting on the beach in the Bahamas (as long as you have phone coverage).


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Please Note:

Tender Software is currently accepting inquiries from the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming.

Interested parties should have at least $20,000 in liquid capital to invest.

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