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The Cleaning Authority is the preeminent maid service franchise in the industry. Since starting our franchise efforts in 1996 TCA has pushed the envelope for Technology and Marketing within the industry.

Founded in 1977

The Cleaning Authority was founded in 1977. It was one of the first team-cleaning concepts in the Baltimore-Washington metro area. The demand for this type of service, coupled with an outstanding reputation for quality, caught the attention of Steve Robinson and Tim Evankovich. In June of 1989, Steve and Tim purchased the company and continued the commitment to quality service and dedication to the customer.

Franchising Begins

In 1996, with seven years of success behind them, the owners decided that franchising would be the key to successful expansion into new markets throughout the country. By sharing proven strategies and proprietary software, along with commitment and determination, The Cleaning Authority now offers franchise owners an incomparable business opportunity in the house cleaning services industry.

We've been in business over 25 years and we have used that time to develop and refine what we believe to be the most complete package of franchisee systems, services and support in the industry. It's a package designed to give you a clear advantage over every other competitor out there.

Basically, it consists of 5 separate, highly effective elements:
  • Prime, protected territories - By joining us now, you're getting in early enough to virtually hand-pick your home territory. It's almost like being able to go back in time and be the first one in your town to open a McDonald's!
  • Training and support programs - We expect you to know nothing about running a residential house cleaning business. Therefore, our two-week training program starts at the beginning and includes everything you will need to know about starting and running a small business.
  • Direct mail program - The first question people ask is "How are we going to get customers?" Our answer is simple, we have a proven and established direct mail program that will bring them in for you.
  • Package Plan Rotation System - Most cleaning services just send in their teams to clean at random. However, at The Cleaning Authority, our Package Plan Rotation System is a carefully organized, completely, detailed plan that tells your cleaners exactly what to do in each house and lets your clients know exactly what to expect.
  • Proprietary software tracking program - Our software program will help you track and manage virtually every aspect of your business. You can use it to manage and schedule appointments, handle billing, payroll, and accounting. One of its truly unique features is its ability to keep track of your cleaning teams by allowing them to call into the computer and creating a log, so you know where they are at all times.
And finally, there's one last thing we give you; one that may be the most important of all--we give you time.

Most franchise opportunities start right off by warning you how much time you'll have to devote to your business to get it off the ground successfully. They tell you about all the nights you'll have to put in. And all the weekends. But we have a completely different attitude. After all, what good is having a successful business if you don't have time to enjoy it?

As a Cleaning Authority franchisee, you may have to schedule an occasional evening meeting to give a new client an in-home estimate, but that's it. And you'll never have to work weekends because none of your clients will want their homes cleaned on weekends.

Therefore, as a Cleaning Authority franchisee, you'll find that one of the greatest rewards is time. Time to be with your family. Time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Time to have a businessÂ…and a life.

The Cleaning Authority offers opportunities throughout the 50 states.

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