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The Coffee Consultants offers a low-cost, home-based, turn-key operation with all the support needed to succeed and unlimited income potential.

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What happens when you combine Italy's number one coffee and the world's number one flavored syrups? You get the world's best espresso experience. Coffee represents an 18 billion dollar industry and specialty coffee sales have more than tripled over the past six years. Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day making the United States the leading consumer of coffee in the world. It's no wonder that Starbucks® is popping up on nearly every street corner in America! The Coffee Consultants would like to introduce you to the world's premier espresso and fruit smoothie business opportunity. The Coffee Consultants has teamed up with the two leaders of their respected industry. Lavazza®, Italy's number one coffee and Torani®, the oldest and largest manufacturer of flavored syrups. Between the three of us, we have over 200 years of experience in the coffee industry! When you consider going in business for yourself, you want to be sure that you have the knowledge and expertise to be successful. Our combined experience will help ensure your success and practically eliminate the mistakes that could hold you back from your full potential.


For over a century, Lavazza has been the world's leading manufacturer of espresso, coffee and equipment. For the first time ever, The Coffee Consultants is offering the Lavazza Espresso Point Matinee (EPM) system and Italy's number one coffee to the USA! Many companies have tried to duplicate this state of the art capsule espresso system, but none have mastered it quite like Lavazza. Of course, with over 15 years of experience perfecting this simple, easy to use machine, it is understandable why the Lavazza EPM is the best espresso machine in the world!


The process is simple, open a packet, place a capsule in the machine and push a button. It's that easy and anyone can do it! The coffee and tea come in pre-ground, pre-measured, single serving capsules, guaranteeing a quick and perfectly brewed beverage every time. Each capsule is vacuum packed assuring the freshness of your customer's coffee. Since there is no grinding, measuring or filters, clean up is a breeze. Simply discard the capsule after each use.


The Lavazza EPM creates a perfect espresso in just 20 seconds, enabling fast-paced restaurants and hotels to keep pace with a demanding clientele. There is minimal training needed on such an easy to use machine. Restaurant and hotel staff love this system because of it's simple to understand functions. All you have to do is place the machines at locations that we pre-qualify for you, then, reap the rewards of your very own business in this 18 billion dollar industry! We even have FREE on-site placement for your first few machines! We send our experts to your territory, they place the equipment with you and you reap the rewards! You actually learn the entire process by example, not by theory. What could be easier?


Since most espresso and cappuccino machines are too expensive to operate and maintain, many businesses are passing up the opportunity to add this highly profitable product to their menu. But now, you can offer the Lavazza EPM at no cost to them with the agreement that they buy the proprietary coffee capsules from you. As an IBO you pay as low as $.25 per capsule. At a sale price to your customers of $.75 per capsule, you profit $.50 per capsule. With Americans drinking 400 million cups of coffee a day, the profit potential is unlimited. That profit doesn't include any of the other products you will offer to your customers. You will offer the full line of Torani products. With over 60 different flavors of regular syrup and over 24 sugar free flavored syrups and growing, your customers are sure to find a flavor they love. You will also offer Torani frozen blended coffees and seven real fruit smoothie blends. These products are a great addition to your customer's menu during the hot summer months or in warmer climates. The products are so new and innovative, they can even be offered to existing coffee shops!


The Coffee Consultants Marketing Department contacts these businesses and introduces them to our program. We set the appointments and all you do is call them to confirm the time and date, take a few minutes to demo the products, and leave with a check in hand! We will even come to your territory and place your first few machines for you absolutely free of charge. After that, our expert training and support will help ensure your success. We truly are a turn-key operation.


Who are your potential clients? Hotels, motels, delicatessens, convenience store chains, universities and colleges, restaurants, theaters, bus and train stations, hospitals, beauty salons, airports, exposition facilities, sports facilities such as golf courses, bowling alleys, health clubs, factories, lounges and bars, resorts and country clubs, night clubs, auto dealerships, cafeterias, gas stations, and office buildings. Weekend cart locations such as street fairs, swap meets, trade shows and sporting events are also very profitable. We even offer fully equipped Espresso/Smoothie Concession Trailers. You just pull it into a fair, open your windows and start making money.


Now ask yourself the following questions: Would you like to work from home? Would you like to set your own hours and schedule? Would you like to be in control of your financial future?

If you think you are ready to own your own successful business, fill out our inquiry page below and get started on the road to financial freedom today.


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