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Gain the financial freedom you've always dreamed about! Introducing…Leasing Institute of America (LIA), the premier authority in the equipment leasing industry. LIA delivers high standards consistent with a Lease Brokerage school. It's the industry leader backed by leasing and financial experts who train and support its elite team of Lease Brokers.

Discover How Dynamics Can Change Your Life By Turning Potential Into High Rewards!

The Department of Labor ranked the equipment leasing industry as the sixth largest growth industry through 2008. Why? Because there are over 25 million businesses in the United States. Equipment leasing affects every sphere of our lives as it encompasses equipment such as trucks, trailers, construction, medical, computers, office, restaurant, industrial, manufacturing, aircraft, rail, shipping, communications, and refinery. There are trillions of pieces of machinery and equipment being manufactured, bought, and sold in the U.S. every day.

3 Dynamic Facts Can Change Your Thinking...
  • Equipment leasing is a $200 billion dollar industry.
  • 80% of 20 million businesses lease equipment. Those who want to lease and those who need to lease.
  • Lease Brokers originate over 10% or $20 billion dollars in transactions for each of the past several years.

Is Making A Living Keeping You From Earning Real Money?

Now, be honest with yourself - More honest than you've been in your whole life. Ask yourself this question: "If you're not a LIA Lease Broker, how much of the $20 billion dollars will you attract?" The answer is...None, you'll miss out. Isn't it time for you to get your "Blueprint For Success?"

Explore a strategy for taking charge of your career by becoming the success you were meant to be! LIA will provide you with limitless opportunities as a successful Lease Broker.

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Our "Lease Broker Training Preview Pak" provides you with bare bone facts, the "7 Secrets Why You Need To Act Now To Become A LIA Lease Broker" including the "Best of the Best" instructors, 100% satisfaction guarantee, brief training agenda, and much, much more!

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