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The Mad Matter is a team of experts in the specialty flooring industry. Every business, school, hospital and government building can benefit through

The Mad Matter Franchise Information:

The Mad Matter is a team of experts in the specialty flooring industry. We offer one of the largest selections of matting products and specialty flooring products in the country. We assist our customers by assisting them in the elimination of their slip/fall concerns, maintenance problems and we help to promote corporate images and increase productivity.

The Mad Matter's ultimate goal is to become the primary source of commercial floor matting and specialty flooring products in strategic North American markets. Each franchise will operate in a systemized manner by employing specific marketing, sales and operational techniques to ensure the overall success of the company.

Our Market
Every business, school, hospital and government building can benefit through the use of our products. There are over 24 billion square feet of commercial real estate managed in the U.S. That includes countless mailrooms, standing workstations, sitting workstations, kitchens, spas, ramps and elevators. Additionally, there are approximately 13,000 hotels/motels in America. All of these can use our line of products.

Market Concerns

Slip & Falls
It is not uncommon for the cost of a retail slip & fall claim to be over $15,000 per incident. It's just common sense for a business to promote a safe environment while patrons enter their facility.

Consider this: 70-80% of dirt & debris in a building is tracked in from the outside. Up to 24 pounds of dirt can be tracked into a building by 1000 people in the course of 20 workdays.

Industry experts estimate that the cost in labor & materials to remove 1 pound of dirt once it is tracked into a building can be upwards of $600.00 per pound.

Once dirt is tracked into a building, the abrasive nature of sands and dirt scratch hardwoods, floor finishes and cause premature carpet wear. It makes fiscal sense to prevent or capture unwanted dirt before it is necessary to expend capital in maintenance & repairs.

An employee injured by a slip and fall or tired from standing on a hard floor all day is less productive and essentially causes an increase in a company's operating costs.

Every commercial building, business, school, healthcare facility and government office on the planet can effectively reduce their maintenance costs, liability concerns and increase their productivity through the proper use, type, installation and amount of floor matting and specialty flooring products. That's where we come in.

Why Consider a Mad Matter Franchise?

Our Customers walk all over us . . . and WE LOVE IT! ! !

The majority of our revenues are a result of business to business sales in a huge market that is, in our opinion, woefully under-served. Every business is a potential customer of The Mad Matter.

We offer extensive training in all facets of operating a successful matting business.

We will assist each franchisee in the development of a customized lead generation program based upon the needs of each franchise market. Our success as a company is aligned with your success as an independent business owner. We intend to always operate as a team to achieve uncommon results.

We are committed to being the best at what we do. The Mad Matter philosophy is that competition makes us better at what we do and as a result makes our industry better. We intend to revolutionize our industry on a continual basis.

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