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The Taco Maker Mexican Fast Food franchise continues to grow with impressive outlet sales increases and new outlet development. Mexican Quick Servic

The Taco Maker Mexican Fast Food Franchise Information:

The Taco Maker franchise continues to grow with impressive outlet sales increases and new outlet development. Mexican Quick Service restaurants (QSR) are enjoying an unprecedented rate of growth , outpacing all other segments of the restaurant industry. The Taco maker is firmly seated as a leader in the Mexican QSR segment as an international franchise system in the United States, Latin America, Western Europe, the Far East and the Middle East.

Long known for its fresh, high quality and flavorful Mexican fast food, The Taco Maker offers various outlet types to meet almost every need from traditional free-standing buildings and mall food courts to its fast growing Express program which complements the dual branding or co branding concept. The Taco Maker is uniquely positioned to capture its share in the fast growing segment.

The Taco Maker Signature comes with our commitment to incredible Mexican food prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked daily. Our flavors are memorable and bring people back time and time again.

The facilities are designed to reflect specific motifs with state-of-the-art materials and equipment. All of this sets us apart from the competition. The creation of fine foods starts with kitchen and production lines that are clean and organized in such a way as to encourage efficiency and minimum waste.

Happy employees working in clean and efficient environments are the key to high volume sales on a consistent basis. The final product being prepared fresh and fast is always well received.

This '50s style atmosphere encourages people to have fun and enjoy great tasting charbroiled hamburgers, cheese fries and other wonderfully unique flavors. There's usually great surprise on the part of first time customers as they purchase one of our distinctive shakes. The special preparation allows heaping of the ice cream 2 to 3 inches over the rim of the cup. Fresh fruit, cookies, berries, and candy are added to offer a multitude of flavors from which to choose.

Charbroiled gourmet hamburgers with a special seasoning and our famous cheese fries served with a touch of smoky barbecue dipping sauce set us apart from the competition. Our charbroiled chicken sandwiches with all the trimmings provide a special taste that is like no other. Drive-through windows assure our commitment to fresh, fast and delightful food offerings any time of the day.

These franchise lines are available as individual or combo unites, and have the ability to go into spaces from 400 square feet to 3500 square feet. Airports, Convenience Stores, High-Density Downtown Locations, mall Food courts, and traditional stand-alone unites have all proven their success.

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