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U.S. Hold the Green - Hole in One Golf Business:


Golf is a game of great passion. Success in business requires passion and dedication. If you have a passion for golf and a serious desire to have a successful business of your own, then U.S. Hold the Green Challenge can provide you with a proven business system that you can duplicate in your area.

The National Golf Foundation estimates that more than 25 million people now play golf in the United States. That number is a 28% increase over the past six years. It is estimated that by the end of this year, over 40 million people will play the game of golf. Golf is a $20 billion dollar annual industry in the United States alone, and is projected to reach $40 billion in the next few years according to Business Week Magazine.

U.S. Hold the Green Challenge and its dealers are part of this multi-billion dollar industry. We have a simple low tech business with a high net profit margin. Our dealers set up and run "Hole-in-one / Close to the pin" challenge contests on local public golf courses within their territories.

Golfers come upon our challenge contest set up on a par 3 hole of the course they are playing and pay $10 to play our contest. Golfers will play our contest for several reasons; it's for a great cause (children's charity), for the chance to win some excellent prizes, and for the pure fun of it. 50-60% of all the golfers on the course will play our contest. That figure is based on our own 7 year track record.

Our dealers earn money by running multiple contests simultaneously on a weekly basis. We typically run our challenge contests on the weekend since that's when we reach the most golfers. On any given weekend a dealer may have 3-10+ contests running on different golf courses within their area. The more contests that you set up and run, the more income you will earn. Our dealers receive a high 25% to 40% net profit margin on each ticket sold.

Cash Flow / Profit
There are very few businesses that have the immediate cash flow our business has. At the end of each contest you have the cash for the ticket sales done for that day. There is no billing, no account receivable, no net 30 day terms, and no potential bad debt. After all expenses you will achieve a 25% net profit on each ticket sold when hiring hole officials to work the contest for you, and a 40% net profit when you work the contest yourself. A 25% net profit is an excellent return from any business, and what makes our business even more attractive is that it's an All Cash, No Receivable, Net Return. This is not a complicated business - the more courses you secure, the more contests you run, the more income you earn.

To run a successful and profitable contest you need two main things; a willing golf course to let you set up the contest, and a good "hole official." A hole official is someone that you hire to run the contest and sell the tickets for you. Finding good hole officials is a key part to our business. College age women and men typically make the best hole officials. We provide complete training in how to secure the golf courses, as well as how to find and manage the hole officials.

We offer a 1 day training program at one of our two training locations…Orlando, Florida and Minneapolis, Minnesota, depending on the season. We teach you everything you need to know to be successful in our business. After training we will continue to support you. We have a National trainer whose job is to support our dealers and help them become successful.

Your investment of $2,995 includes everything you'll need to establish your business and get started; including an exclusive territory, complete training, and an initial inventory of tickets to sell, which will provide you with immediate cash flow.

  • Low Investment of $2,995
  • Immediate Cash Flow
  • Full-Time or Part-Time
  • No Collections - No Receivables
  • 100% Cash Business
  • No advertising or marketing costs
  • No Store Front; A True Home-Based Business
  • Unlimited Support for the Life of Your Business
  • A Fun Yearly Dealer Contest
Learn more details about U.S. Hold the Green Challenge and the possibility of establishing a dealership in your area.


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