What Does an UBuildIt Franchise Cost in 2020?

Cash Required:$50,000 - $100,000
Net Worth Required:$250,000
Total Investment:$113,500 - $223,800
Franchise Fee:$35,000
Royalty Type:$1,050 or 7% of gross each month

UBuildIt Details

Total Units:76
Year Founded:1988
Franchising Since:1998
Home Office: Oklahoma City, OK

Additional Details

Term of Franchise Agreement: 10 years, renewable

About Us

The Construction Consulting Business – Be a Client Advisor

Each year in this country, thousands of people tackle building or remodeling their own homes. In addition, thousands more express the desire to be involved in their own project, but don't have the confidence or expertise without guidance. This growing 'do-it-yourself' trend is reflected in the major growth nationwide of outlets like Home Depot, Lowes, and others. Many people say, "For our next new home or remodeling project, we're going to try it ourselves!" When utilizing UBuildIt on their project, most people who serve as their own project manager produce savings from 15% to 30%, sometimes more.

The UBuildIt system was developed to meet this growing demand and to provide professional assistance to home owners who want more control over their building project. They want to be more involved, and to either save money in the process or get more home than their budget would otherwise allow. The UBuildIt Construction Consultant provides the systems and expert guidance to make this happen. An article in the Seattle Times called us — "A Guardian Angel for Hire."

Why Choose UBuildIt?

Here is what makes UBuildIt unique in the market place

  1. We are the number one Owner Builder Company in the United States! You would be joining a world class organization that has earned its top spot!
  2. We partner with builders to give them a broader offering - something that other builders do not have! Use UBuildIt for fantastic lead generation and be able to truly serve your clients with whatever product best fits their needs!
  3. We have proven examples of what can be achieved with a manageable marketing campaign. While few people can afford to do a quality marketing campaign alone - a few strategically placed offices, banding together for a quality campaign can have a huge impact.

What's An "Owner-Builder"?

These people want more control and want to be more heavily involved in their construction project. Our clients are generally 30-55 years old, middle to upper income.

The number of families choosing to act as their own builder is increasing because people want bigger homes with better features and are looking for more value for their money. 10% of new construction projects each year in the U.S. are started and completed by "owner-builders." But, going it alone can be an uncertain venture when attempting a large construction project. Our clients understand that without professional guidance and resources that UBuildIt can bring to the table, managing their own building project will be an expensive, time-consuming and learning experience that most of them will not want to do again. So they see the value that UBuildIt can provide in giving them the best of both worlds - Being in total control of their building project but also at the same time have professional guidance and great connections that save them time and money.

The UBuildIt client is no longer just an "owner-builder." They maintain control, make the decisions, and enjoy the results without the uncertainties of going it alone.


"UBuildIt is about Owner Control, Cost Savings, and Happy Results. By working with our Clients without the burdensome Builder's Mark-Ups, everything about construction equals to positive relationships and a far more enjoyable experience for everyone. UBuildIt is a great track to run on!"
Ken Peterson – UBuildIt Seattle

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Request Information


Please Note:

UBuildIt is currently accepting inquiries from the following states: Wyoming, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, Vermont, Virginia, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Dakota, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Nebraska, North Dakota, North Carolina, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, Maine, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Idaho, Iowa, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Connecticut, Colorado, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Alaska.

Interested parties should have at least $50,000 in liquid capital to invest.

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