Ultimate Woman Fitness

Ultimate Woman Gym and Fitness Franchise Information:

Ultimate Woman 20 Minute Fitness was the first to provide a quality 20 Minute Fitness program just for ladies. The private environment and superior services make Ultimate Woman the prestigious place to be.

We Help Define Women!
  • Ultimate adj 1. beyond which is impossible to go; 2. greatest possible
  • Woman n 1. the right person for the job!

Our UltraFit circuit-training program combines a full range of fitness and exercise equipment tailored just for women. Our professional trainers provide that personal attention that make health and fitness fun. Our clubs also provide a friendly, comfortable, motivating and energizing environment for physical activities. Trained professionals are on hand to guide and support clients every step of the way.

Ultimate Franchise Opportunity
Ultimate Woman 20 Minute Fitness Franchise Corporation provides you with quality training and support that will help you build a successful franchise.
  • UltraFit Circuit Equipment
    Our UltraFit equipment package includes 6 sets of upper body/lower body stations for a total of 12 strength-training machines. Each machine utilizes adjustable resistance technology so you can regulate your workout. Six jogging / recovery boards are positioned between the 6 sets of machines. Our special flooring system makes for easy setup and comfort for your members.
  • Business Training
    We offer complete training to help increase your odds of success as a new franchisee. The support system that we have developed will help you get a fast start and will enable you to grow a strong and long lasting business.
  • Club Management Software
    Our web-based Club Management Software gives you the ability to manage and track your business from any computer connected to the Internet. This remote tracking capability lets you stay in touch with your business at all times.
  • Point of Sale Retail System
    The Point of Sale Retail System will give you another profit center by giving you the ability to process retail sales and track inventory.
  • Member Management
    Our Member Management System includes a POS scanner and a Webcam that will help your staff recognize members by photo-enabling their profile.
  • Exclusive Territories Available
    Exclusive Territories are available to protect market saturation. You may also reserve a territory if you have multiple location aspirations.
  • Ultimate Support System
    In addition to complete training on business startup and management, we provide ongoing support to assist you with your Ultimate Woman Fitness Franchise.

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