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VendSource USA Vending Machine Business:

No Risk - All Cash Business

You can have your own VendSource USA vending route where you can earn an incredible 500-800% Gross Profit on every sale!

For years, the best kept secret in the business world has been the money that is made in the Vending Industry. It can provide you and your family with all the benefits you've ever dreamed of. Every day, seven out of ten people spend millions of dollars buying products out of vending machines. In 2001 vending generated over $38 billion in sales.

The time for you to become a part of the incredible vending industry is RIGHT NOW!

According to Vending Times 53% of all vending dollars are spent in Quarter machines. The 100% American Made VendSourceoUSA triple head machines will capture the largest segment of the buying public. Based on the type of products sold, and how you adjust the portion output, your cost for each and every vend is only 3 to 5 cents. For every quarter you collect, you can keep an incredible 20 to 22 cents for yourself, earning 500%-800% Gross Profit on all sales. Through VendSourceoUSA YOUR MACHINES COMPLETELY PAY FOR THEMSELVES on the FIRST FILL. That's Right! Fill up your machines the very first time and the gross sales for that first fill will more then recoup your initial investment for equipment!

About Us

VendSource USA is made up from vending and business opportunity staff that have been in the industry for more than 30 years. Many companies like to total up the number of employees and their years of service to give what seems like a high figure. If we include just the management staff that figure exceeds 130 years in just four people. If we take it the number across the complete group of manufacturing, advertisings, writers artist, sales associates, customer service and HR personnel the number goes to over a thousand.

Unlike other vending companies that try to all things to all people we specialize in the equipment and leave the delivery of product to others who specialize in the freshest, latest and most cost effective vending products around. Our distributors have access to the latest in industry information. While soda and snack products are generally limited to what is available locally, other vending products (candy, toys, stickers and tattoos) need to come from the best sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I make in vending? The honest answer is "A LOT"! The vending business is a recession proof business. This means that vending generates income regardless of how the economy is doing. If the stock market is down - vending sales stay with near constant growth. If the country's Gross National Product is suffering - vendors STILL sell gumballs and candy from their machines. The question of whether or not you will make money in vending is answered all around you. Take a look at your local supermarkets and convenience stores. Look in the corner of your local Laundromats and auto dealers. The reason these machines are there year after year after year is that they are making money. That should be the only "proof" you need.

How quickly will I make my money back? Vending machines make money at different rates based on the location they are placed in. It is illegal for any person to give projections on profit regarding vending machines. However, at VendSourceoUSA we can say without hesitation... It's not a question of whether or not you will make your money back and profit from your vending route. The only question is how long it will take. Some vendors make their money back quicker than others...but ALL vendors who stay in business and work the business will make profits.

The LOCATION OF YOUR MACHINES and your OWN EFFORTS will determine how quickly your machines will generate profits. There is no more honest an answer. If anyone tries to give you an exact time frame they simply are lying!

How do I find locations for my machines? Finding a hot location for your vending machine is imperative! The location is the MOST important factor in the success of your vending route. When you buy a complete package from VendSourceoUSA, you are provided a list of professional locators. If you hire a location company, these locators will find the locations for you. There is no need to do cold-calling or selling on your part whatsoever. Many vendors choose to do their own locating. If you want to do this, VendSourceoUSA is happy to provide suggestions on how to approach location owners and be successful on your own.

What types of products should I vend? Look at the vending machines in locations near you. You see candy, tattoos, stickers, bouncing balls, and many other types of toys and charms being sold from local vending machines. Whether it's a nationally known product or a bulk product, each 25-cent vend will net you 20-22 cents in profit! That is 500-800% on every sale!

We Urge You To Take A Serious Look At:
  • What are kids in your area talking about?
  • What do local kids in your town like to snack on?
  • What cartoon characters are popular these days?
  • What commercials for candy and toys are on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network today?
  • Go to your local toy stores and look at the latest and greatest in small toys - you'll get some great ideas!
Remember at VendSource USA you aren't limited to just one type of machine or even just candy and toys as the only vending possibilities!

We have several different products, including:

The VendSource USA Triple Vend III - Each Triple Vend ships with a heavy-duty stand, the adjustable vending wheels, and is constructed of an all metal material in black, with gold metal accents on the face and product drop. This is a 25-cent vend and one we know you will be satisfied with. When you want an All Metal, ruggedly made machine with that elegant classic style, this is the "must have" selection.

The VendSource USA Snack & Soda Combo - Vends a variety of candy bars, gums, snacks nuts, bagged chips, popcorn, pastries and cold beverages. Holds up to 141 snacks plus 175 beverages.

The VendSource USA Quad Head 4 - Vends: o Up to 1" Gumballs o M&M's o Heart Candy o Mini Life Saver Rolls o All Bulk Candy/Gum. The larger compartments hold more product, therefore less servicing is required.

Remember - this is truly a TIME SENSITIVE opportunity. So email us today!

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