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Route Licensing

What Does a RM Coffee License Cost?

Cash Required:$5,000
Total Investment:$5,000

Commericial Coffee Services - Water Delivery - Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Our Solutions.

Founded on the belief that one’s quality of life is heavily affected by their work/life balance and satisfaction within a career (after all we spend more than half of our lives in the work force), RM Coffee has developed three unique vendor solutions.

Each of our three solutions, RM Coffee which focuses on providing commercial coffee service, Water which focuses on water delivery, or RM Coffee which focuses on commercial cleaning and janitorial services, are offered in the form of a license. Licensees, or Route Managers as we refer to them, can license a vendor route in one of the above service areas for a risk-free, small one-time fee.

Our Programs.

In the creation of the RM Coffee program, one aspect has become clear. Working for yourself is awesome! If you are looking for a business opportunity, servicing commercial coffee routes in your local area, check out RM Coffee! Purchasing one of our route licenses for a small one-time fee of $5,000 will provide you with:

  1. Flexibility in your work hours
  2. A risk-free investment
  3. A low-priced entry point with payment plan options (one-time license fee)
  4. All equipment and products necessary
  5. A guaranteed monthly income

We handle all accounting and invoicing too!


Hot, iced, blonde, bold with foam or flat, RM Coffee provides vendor routes in commercial coffee.


Flavored, Sparkling, or Still, RM Coffee offers commercial routes in water delivery.

Cleaning Solutions

RM Coffee furnishes commercial routes in commercial cleaning and janitorial services.

Unique Auto Disbursement Program

What sets RM Coffee apart from other vending companies is our unique auto disbursement program. Through this uniquely structured payment program, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on the purchase price of our license. Unlike other 3rd party route licensing companies, when you license with RM Coffee, during the first twelve (12) months, we provide automatic quarterly increases on the gross value of your route! This ensures that you receive an increase in income. Further, we begin auto disbursing payments to you, as early as 45 business days following your purchase.

Join The Team.

To learn more about becoming a route manager, fill out the Request Information form and our team will contact you.


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