Americas Marketing Corp.

What Does a Americas Marketing Corp. Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$12,500
Total Investment:$12,500 - $50,000

Americas Marketing Corp. Business Opportunity:

A Rapidly Growing Business....

The energy drink business is the most profitable, fastest growing segment of the $100+ billion dollar beverage industry. That\'s why Americas Marketing Corp. is offering a turnkey business opportunity for anyone who wants to take advantage and succeed in this market. This offer is a complete business package that you will own without paying any royalties to us.

Consider the Benefits:
  • Cash in on a great turnkey operation (all cash – flexible hours)
  • Red Bull alone sells over 12 million cans daily in the USA
  • Only true energy drink vending machine available in the United States
  • Invest in a hot new market and double your money every week
  • Our machine will also sell other energy drinks (Monster Energy, Rockstar, Sobe Adrenaline Rush, etc.)
  • Great areas are still available

The energy drink category has enjoyed tremendous success, displaying a staggering 516 percent sales growth between 2001-2006, according to market research firm Mintel. With growing consumer demand and increased profit margins, it\'s projected to exceed $10 billion by 2010. All of this growth is coming from the continued health and wellness trend in the US.

Energy Drinks are a Market Phenomenon. Just Look at these Industry Facts:
  • "The favorite beverage of office and warehouse workers is Red Bull and other energy drinks." People Magazine (February \'05)
  • "Energy drinks are this generations answer to coffee."Beverage News (November \'04)
  • "Energy drinks, led by the Red Bull and Monster brands, grew by more than 49 percent in 2006."
    The Gourmet Retailer (June \'07)

A Hot New Market

Why invest in the same old snack, soda, or gumball vendors everyone else has? Machines that have been oversold, over placed, and over saturated for years. Energy drinks are popular year round, don\'t go out of fashion, and appeal to a wide and varied market.

Just think about this…when you go into an office building, warehouse, strip mall or many other public places…you are looking at potential locations where your Sports Energy Drink Machines could be making you trouble-free, cash profits.

We have no intentions of saturating areas(like soda vending). We\'re going to limit the number of distributors we sign up. From the response we have had so far, we expect all areas to be going fast.


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