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Companion Connection Senior Care - Misc Q & A

Ceo Brings Compassion And Expertise To The Non Medical Home Care Field

David Goodman, Founder and President of Companion Connection Senior Care and a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), has spent his entire professional life helping seniors and others to live with dignity in their own homes while receiving the care they need in order to remain living independently. Over 34 years ago, Mr. Goodman founded Expert Home Care in New Brunswick, NJ, a home health care agency that continues to be a leader in providing quality and compassionate in-home care to its clients throughout Northern and Central New Jersey. David Goodman is a leading expert in the home health care industry and has co-authored “The Road to Success-Volume 2” with Jack Canfield the world famous author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. The Road to Success released summer of 2016 has become an Amazon best seller. David is also a co-host of a popular weekly podcast called focus on seniors radio. 

Not content with running a multi-million dollar enterprise, Mr. Goodman embarked on a new challenge that would leverage his considerable expertise, which led to the founding of Companion Connection Senior Care, a national membership organization that teaches its members how to start their own businesses providing non-medical home care services to the people in their communities. Today, Companion Connection Senior Care works with more than 342 member agencies all across the United States and is one of the fastest growing companies in the non-medical home care industry.

Over 34 years ago, Mr. Goodman, still fresh out of college, noted with dismay the lack of options facing seniors as they aged. At the time, if you were a senior and required some assistance with your Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) you had limited care options. You could either rely on family members to look after you at home or you could enter a nursing home/long term care facility and spend the remainder of your days being cared for by a rotating nursing staff. To Mr. Goodman, there had to be an alternative. For one, not everyone had family members who lived in close enough proximity to be able to provide the care that they needed and, even if they did, many seniors were reluctant to shift the burden of care on their spouses or children. On the other hand, nursing homes were generally designed to care for people with chronic illnesses and those who required constant medical supervision, something only a small percentage of the nation's seniors required. There was no middle ground for the tens of thousands of people who wanted only minimal assistance and wished to age peacefully in their own homes.

"In today's commuter lifestyle," said Mr. Goodman "where people are expected to work long hours and commute further and further from home in order to find good paying jobs, while at the same time juggling their own time and responsibilities to their growing families, seniors often get left out of the mix. Young families are so caught up in their own hectic lifestyles that it has become more and more difficult to balance your life schedule between work, your own family, and caring for your aging parents." The 'sandwich generation' became the new coin phrase for the growing number of people who were caught between the needs of their own families and those of their parents.

It was this senior population that Mr. Goodman had in mind when Expert Home Care was born. Expert Home Care began recruiting qualified Certified Home Health Aides and Companions to provide basic services such as healthy meal preparation, medication reminders, incidental transportation to doctor's appointments, grocery shopping and social visits, light housekeeping, supervision, personal care and, most importantly of all, socialization and companionship to seniors and others in the comfort and security of their own homes. "For most people, home is where you want to remain when you age. These people have spent the greater part of their lives living in the same house, with their cherished memories and prized possessions, and even their beloved pets" said Mr. Goodman. "They don't want to have to give all this up just because their bodies start slowing down and now, with the prevalence of different home care options, they don't have to."

"I founded Companion Connection Senior Care because I know that there are many people across America who feel like I do, that seniors deserve to live out their golden years with the respect and dignity they deserve. America is at a crossroads. On the one hand, the population of seniors 80 years and older is the fastest growing segment of the population today and the senior population in general will continue to grow as the baby boomers age. On the other hand, there are still not nearly enough services in place to care for them. Many seniors, as well as their children, have the means and the desire to receive these services, but there are not enough agencies to provide the quality service they deserve" said Mr. Goodman.

"Companion Connection Senior Care is dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs everything they need to know about owning and operating a non-medical home care business. Our training is designed for anyone who wants to get involved in this exciting business, whether or not they have any background in the industry. The only thing our members need is a good attitude, be willing to work hard and share the compassion I have for caring for our nation's most vulnerable citizens."

Unlike other non-medical home care opportunities, Companion Connection Senior Care is a membership organization, not a franchise, so members can enjoy all the benefits of a franchise, such as assistance starting-up, extensive training and unlimited support, without the inflexible structure of a franchise. Instead, members have the freedom to develop their company the way they envision it and they can choose to offer services that are tailored to the individual needs of their specific market. "Entrepreneurs don't want to be told how to run their companies" said Mr. Goodman. "And they don't want to have to reinvent the wheel. All they want is a professional organization to teach them the essentials for getting started in the business. But they want an expert support structure in place so they can ask questions as they learn the business to help them avoid painful and expensive mistakes. At Companion Connection Senior Care all of our support people have been on the front-lines of home care so our members know they are receiving knowledgeable and expert advice and that, I believe, is the key to our success."

After graduating from Widener University, David Goodman became the Executive Director of the company Medical Staffers. In 1985 at only 23, he opened Expert Home Care, a certified home health care company, and built it to be a profitable company its first year. David has provided expert testimony in the home healthcare field, and co-hosted a national radio talk show on home health care issues. In his successful weekly spot, David offered his extensive expertise, and interviewed many highly qualified guest speakers in the healthcare industry. He was featured in New Jersey Business News as one of the Top 40 Business Leaders under 40 years old in New Jersey.

David Goodman has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur Magazine and is a Certified Senior Care Advisor (CSA). David enjoys helping others in both his personal and professional life and, with his wealth of home care knowledge, is well positioned to teach others to succeed in this very rewarding field.

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