EA Brevita

What Does a EA Brevita Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$10,000 - $30,000
Net Worth Required:$250,000
Total Investment:$100,000 - $125,000

Lango Franchise Information:
The "Un-Franchise"

How do you build the world's most innovative specialty coffee and beverage concept? Start by breaking the mold. The E.A. Brevita model is creating a movement that reinvigorates entrepreneurship on a global scale.

We'd like people to think differently about how companies can be built and how information and products should be distributed. Built as a membership-based cooperative, E.A. Brevita Cooperative Association lives by the guiding principle, "Our members' best interests will drive every decision we make."

Essentially, we've turned the franchise concept inside out. Where franchises benefit the franchisor, as a cooperative, we drive profits first to the individual business owners.

No Royalties, No Franchise Fees!

When you join E.A. Brevita Cooperative Association, you get a lot more out of your full membership package than the drive-thru unit itself.

You'll also get every piece of equipment and supplies you'll need to start selling drinks as well as full membership access to E.A. System Support AND membership discount pricing at E.A. Delivers.com, the specialty coffee and beverage supply store.

The retail value of E.A. Brevita Cooperative Association's membership start up package (over $200,000) leaves part of the story untold: E.A. Brevita and E.A. Delivers.com give access to online operations and tools and consumables pricing (and direct shipping) that are simply not available from any other supplier.

Financial Benefits to Members
  • The E.A. Brevita drive-thru arrives with over $200,000 worth of retail value (adding: structure, equipment, small wares, POS, coffee, Frozen Xplosion, systems, etc.) and costs $89,000 delivered anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • Purchasing power: Everything available, from the initial drive-thru unit to the coffee, cups and flavorings purchased through E.A. Delivers.com, benefits from the negotiating power of the cooperative
New Business Model
  • Scalability of this system supports key accounts and entrepreneurs with big dreams (most drive-thru businesses and franchises have hit their ceiling for growth at 100 or fewer units)
  • Member-based cooperative…our approach drives benefits and profits to members first – the franchise model charges premium prices and a percentage of gross revenue on an ongoing basis. We call our model, the "un-franchise."
  • Farmer-direct coffee - EA Delivers.com negotiates coffee prices directly with the farmers that supply our coffee. This helps keep our coffee prices low…we've cut out at least two layers of traditional coffee distribution while still paying the farmer premium prices.

Access to Information and Goods

  • Dependable - E.A. Delivers.com, powered by Amazon.com, brings consumables to your door
  • EA University for barista training and certification - keeps long term training consistent and does it for a fraction of the cost normally associated with a franchise or licensing model
  • Online operation manuals - Always at the owner's fingertips
  • Access to goods simply unavailable to most drive-thru businesses at prices unavailable to anyone but the biggest players in the specialty coffee and beverage industry - ensuring the highest profits
Please note this franchise is not accepting inquiries from AK, HI. Interested parties should have at least $30,000 to invest.
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