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Join the healthy vending revolution with Healthy YOU Vending! The demand for healthy food choices is exploding. We secure your locations. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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What Does a Healthy YOU Vending Opportunity Cost?

To buy an opportunity with Healthy YOU Vending, you'll need to have $30,000 - $225,000 in liquid capital. Owners can expect to make a total investment of $30,000 - $225,000. Healthy YOU Vending charges NO franchise fees. *

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Financial requirements for this opportunity:
Liquid Capital:$30,000 - $225,000
What does Liquid Capital mean?
Total Investment:$30,000 - $225,000
What does Total Investment mean?
Franchise Fee:None
What is a Franchise Fee?
Royalty Fee:None


Options available to Owners:
Financing:Not Available
Employees:None Needed But May Be Added

Company Details

Facts about this Opportunity:
Total Units:1,100+
Home Office: Kaysville, Utah
Year Founded:1999

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Join The Wellness Revolution!

You can join the wellness revolution by starting a business with Healthy YOU Vending – the nation’s largest supplier of healthy vending machines. The proven Healthy YOU model requires no employees and allows you to monitor your machines from home or from mobile devices. There are no franchise fees, royalties, marketing fees or post-investment required purchases. Franchise level support but work with a home office that coaches but does not dictate.

The Franchise That Isn’t Really a Franchise

While Healthy YOU offers franchise level support the company is technically a business opportunity and not a franchise. That means no franchise fees, no royalties, no marketing fees and no required purchases after the sale. The vending machines sell healthy snack and beverages offering the same type of products sold at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods – but in single serve sizes. The optional SmartMart Side Vendor offers location specific products – headphones for gyms, razors for hotels, vitamins/supplements or meals for office buildings etc.

The machines use multiple payment options—cash, credit, debit, and pay-by-smartphone, smart watches etc. Performance and inventory levels are monitored remotely through a cloud system and the machine provide alerts when products are running low, the currency bill stacker is full etc.

The Health Craze Is Only Getting Healthier!

It’s just getting started, so hold on! More and more people are becoming interested in living healthier lifestyles and are becoming educated about what they should eat. “All-Natural”, “Organic”, “0 Trans Fat”, and “Antioxidants” are the hot buttons of this ever-increasing, high demand market. Now you can be rewarded by filling this need with the Healthy YOU Vending opportunity.

  • America is quickly becoming a nutrition-conscious nation because Americans are choosing a healthier lifestyle
  • Americans are eating healthier at home and are looking for those same healthy options in vending as well
  • In a recent report, consumption of carbonated, sugared drinks dropped by 2.6% but consumption of flavored and enhanced waters increased by over 30%
  • Healthy/organic product producers represent the fastest growing segment of the vending product industry

We Can Help You Find Qualified Locations for Your Healthy Vending Machines

As a new Healthy YOU Vending Operator, you are eligible for our Prime Healthy Locations team to help you identify qualified placement opportunities for your machines at no additional cost. Target locations in your geographic area have at least 75+ employees/daily foot traffic to ensure qualified homes for each of your machines.

Corporate Training & Lifetime Coaching

Welcome to Healthy YOUniversity. You’ve never experienced training like this. Spend two jam-packed days with us at our Corporate Headquarters and learn everything you need in order to launch your healthy vending business and succeed. Held at least monthly, come and get no-nonsense, practical hands-on experience with your healthy vending machines, products, locations, software, business operations, marketing and much more.

Additionally, our seasoned, in-house coaching staff at Healthy YOU Vending stands ready to assist you in every aspect of launching, growing and maintaining your new healthy vending business. For questions, concerns, instructions or ideas – just ask – any time!

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Healthy YOU Vending is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah, Wisconsin

Interested parties should have at least $30,000 in liquid capital to invest.

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