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A Family Affair

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We're the Moore family, made up of brothers Dennis, Anthony, Jeffery and Tommy and our father Harry. We have owned and run Little Jimmy's for 75 years since our grandfather, Albert Mauro, originally from Sicily, first devised the secret recipe that makes Little Jimmy's Italian Ice so delicious. So yes, you could say it's a family affair. Although our name was originally Mauro, Albert changed it to the Americanized version which we use today.

Our business started small but has now expanded to include concession holders who sell our delicious desserts and earn themselves income in a fun way, across 45 states here in the USA. And a Little Jimmy's Italian Ice business really is a pleasurable way to make money.

About Little Jimmy's Italian Ices

Our Little Jimmy's Italian Ice headquarters are based here in New Jersey's vibrant city of Elizabeth, but as we mentioned, 'Jimmy's' is a nationwide concern, so wherever you are in the US you can still take advantage of the many benefits of owning and running your own Italian Ice concession. Italian ice wholesale prices are the same for each and every state.

The recipe for Little Jimmy's Italian Ice really is a closely guarded secret, so much so that only two of us Moore brothers know it! So when you sell our famous confections you really are giving your customers something very special that they couldn't buy elsewhere.

Four Dealership Options To Fit Your Needs

Plan A - 1 cart w/umbrella, 60 cans, cups, scoops, uniforms, shipping, etc. $5695

Plan B - 2 carts w/umbrellas, 60 cans, cups, scoops, uniforms, shipping, etc. $7895 ***BEST VALUE***

Plan C - 3 carts w/umbrellas, 120 cans, cups, scoops, uniforms, shipping, etc. $11,995

Starter Package - 1 cart w/umbrella, 40 cans, cups, scoops, shipping $4295

Testimonials: A Word From Our Dealers

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…I could not be more pleased with the superior quality of your product. We had numerous repeat sales, especially from other vendors working the show. This allowed us to outsell the competition by a minimum of 4 to 1. Most of the time our competitor's booth was completely empty while we still had people lined up. Quality does matter, and our experience proves people will line up for high quality foods! Thanks for such a great product and for doing such a great job!

-Jim Nobles, TN

We followed all advice given to us from your emails and took every cue from the testimonials we read from your site. It was like we were in business for years with a ton of experience. I was extremely impressed with my wife as she worked the lines mainly by herself. Guys, on our very first event we had to replenish a full can of cherry which ran out first, followed by the blueberry. We made a total of $1,572 our very first event. Sweet!!!

Sean, Bahamas

I can't believe it is true! Everything your web site says is true. The customers who have transplanted here from the Northeast are thrilled to find "real Italian Ice" in Florida. I had 1 customer actually call her mother in N.Y. while she was on line to tell her that Ocala finally has Italian ice. And the people who have never had an ice before fall in love after we give them a sample. A win-win situation! We opened Sept. 11th and we will have to place another order in 3 to 4 weeks. Thanks for a great business!

Bob Lloret, Florida

In 10 hours the cart was empty and we had started on our second set of 5 gallon containers. We sold out of the baseball helmets after just 4 hours - anyone can do this business.

- Jeffrey & Tina Wixom, Iowa

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