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What Does a National Tax Office Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$499
Total Investment:$499

Want to Know How to Start a Tax Business on Your Own?

We at NTO will provide you a step-by-step, guided solution that you can trust.

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Do you want to start your own tax business in the near future but don’t know what your first step should be? Are you looking for a reliable path into the business world with quick and profitable results? Can’t find a solution that fits your criteria as well as your budget?

NTO can provide you the perfect launch pad for a lucrative tax business. All that is needed from your side is a small investment and a powerful desire to learn, grow and succeed!

Become a Tax Preparer Today Without a Hefty Investment

NTO seeks to help dedicated and passionate entrepreneurs who want to join the tax business but can’t afford an expensive franchise. Our goal is simple – we want to offer a chance of entrepreneurship to everyone out there without overwhelming startup fees or outrageous revenue sharing of gross receipts. While others capitalize on revenue shares and hefty fees, we focus on the success of our affiliates because at the end of the day, their success is our success.

Join us for flexible, guided and innovative tax solutions under our reliable and credible banner, which is recognized nationwide. We strive to help our associates reach the stable platform of generating an annual income by working only during the tax season.

Requirements to Start a Tax Business

To become a professional tax preparer and file your first return, you will need:

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Preparer’s Tax Identification Number (“PTIN”)
PTIN is a unique identification code that all paid tax return preparers must use when submitting federal tax returns to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A PTIN can be acquired from the official IRS website at an annual fee of$64.25.

Electronic Filing Identification Number (“EFIN”)
Acquiring the EFIN lets you file returns electronically. To obtain the EFIN, you will have to register for IRS e-services on their website. Registration is free; however, some documentation will be required and we at NTO will guide you throughout the process with a step by step approach.


“NTO helps you start a tax business with detailed information about IRS registration, marketing as well as choosing the right location for the office -they are the best in the industry right now for starters!”
Teneshia Shelton; Houston, TX

“One of the great things about National Tax Office is the different packages they offer which really helped me hone my skills and carry on with the business as per my flexibility without breaking the bank. For IRS registration to electronic filing to the resources on their website, NTO has thought of everything.”
Ebony Ashford; Dynamic Tax, Columbia, SC

“For anyone looking for a successful start at tax preparation on a professional level, National Tax Office offers a comprehensive support system and useful business information under a single roof. They are your best bet if you want to survive in the market past the busy tax months as well.”
Charlotte Rudd; Jackson, MS

Get Started with NTO

Once you have your PTIN and EFIN, you are all set to start your very own tax business with help from highly trained and experienced experts at NTO. We have a transparent and easy to follow system.

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  • Take a look at our different packages.
  • Choose the one that best fits your needs.
  • And place an order.

It’s as simple as that! NTO will provide you everything you need to start including:

  • Your very own IRS registration
  • Professional cloud-based software
  • Specialized bank products
  • One-on-one personalized training
  • Marketing and promotional material
  • 24/7 IT and Tax Law support
  • Round the clock assistance from our highly trained experts
  • Your own personal coach for step-by-step guidance
  • And much more!

Don’t let a rocky credit history or limited finances stop you in your journey to success. Contact us now to discuss your individual business goals and aspirations with us and we will provide you a tailor-made solution that best fits your needs!

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