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Year Founded:2012
Home Office: Elmsford, NY

About Neczus, Inc. Expense Recovery Experts

Pressure on business leaders to improve the bottom line is intense. With costs rising across the board, companies have probably spent a significant amount of time negotiating vendor agreements with more favorable pricing and terms on key expense line items. But are they sure that their vendors are tightly adhering to the terms and conditions of those agreements?

Complex tiered pricing schemes, varied tariffs and geographic expanse result in duplicate charges, incorrect discounts and general billing errors. Our experience shows that after a detailed audit of vendor billing, cost recoveries are very common. This is where Neczus Inc. can help. We provide the resources trained to perform the in depth analysis and comparison of those agreements with associated billing. A large percentage of the audits completed on behalf of our clients result in a refund or credit.

Our audit teams are subject matter professionals, each expert in their respective fields. For the most part, our team works behind the scene, off site in order to minimize any disruption of our client’s teams and operations. Our fees are based on a percentage of the recovery or savings we unearth. There are no hidden fees or charges beyond that.

Reducing costs in business should be the result of a regular review and audit. We make sure our clients are paying what they should be paying and not a penny more. Neczus Inc. is their advocate.

Who is Neczus?

Neczus is a national expense reduction and cost recovery firm dedicated to helping our clients either recover money or reduce expenses going forward. We work on a contingency basis and support over a dozen expense categories. We have helped companies of all sizes, from small mom and pops to multi-nationals.

Our Suite Of Services Includes:

  • Wireless Expense Reduction
  • Workers Compensation Cost Review
  • Medical Supply
  • Telecommunications & Data Expense Review & Audit
  • Payroll Tax Audit
  • Utility & Energy Review & Audit
  • Commercial Real Estate Lease Audit
  • Treasury & Merchant Card Review & Audit
  • Freight Audit
  • Equipment Lease Audit
  • Small Parcel Fee Management
  • Accounts Payable Review
  • Hiring & Tax
  • And Many More!

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