Teen Store Developers

2019 Costs & Fees

Liquid Capital Required:$30,000
Net Worth Required:$50,000
Total Investment:$89,900

Company Details

Total Units:4000
Year Founded:1993

Standard Package - Starting at $89,900

Extreme value in a merchandise assortment that is largely under $5 for Teens and Tweens - that's the idea behind $5 Teen Stores. Today's teenagers have their own, unique style and mostly disposable income. Combine those factors and you have a lucrative market that is often overlooked. Our buyers track the latest and the hottest merchandise in best selling categories such as fashion accessories, room, active, pop-culture, novelty, electronics, occasion, candy and much more. $5TS store owners stock what sells! Contact us today to get your Teen Store started!

Start A Teen Store With $5 Teen Stores

$5 Teen Stores will do everything to guide you along the entire process of opening your store. As well as, assisting you with financing, finding a location, lease terms for suitable space for your store, providing you with all the opening value products for your store's grand opening, providing you with a full on - going contact list of top quality suppliers, to helping assist in as little or as much as you may require for the life of your store. Along with providing you with a beautifully completed open store that is ready for business, you will also receive complete training on all the aspects of operating your own Teen Store.

Not only that, we offer a unique value to our system. You will be 100% the owner of your store, we are NOT a franchise. That means, there are no monthly fees, costs, or overhead to burden you as a new owner other than the basic costs of being in business. As the owner, you have total control and final say over every decision that is made.

What Is It Like To Open A Business With The Assistance Of Teen Store Developers?

The First Step
Your retail store development can begin as soon as you fill out our information form or call in to speak to one of our National Development Directors. Each of our clients is assigned a Development Director who remains available throughout the store development. They are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Securing Business Financing
With the initial planning phase complete, you will be assigned a Business Funding Advisor who will help you secure the necessary business financing for your store. Every client has a different financial situation, so our Advisors offer several funding options. If you are unsure if you can qualify for business financing, we offer a free credit repair service as well as special financing programs that have helped many clients receive funding. There is no risk to finding out if you qualify for financing.

Finding A Suitable Retail Space
Using cutting edge real estate tools, our site location team analyzes every potential retail space in your desired market. They can provide the metrics that matter to a business, like comprehensive traffic counts, demographic studies, and competition analysis. Location matters, and our team will help you find the best retail spaces available in your area.

Negotiating A Retail Lease
Our lease negotiators operate from a 17 point checklist that covers all the provisions that can save you thousands of dollars over the course of a retail lease. We have the experience to get you special terms and a lower rent than is likely obtainable for an inexperienced new owner.

Building Out Your Store
Teen Store Developers has experience from building thousands of stores. Once the site is ready, one of our Build Out Supervisors will come to your location and manage the build and labor team. We provide all the services, labor, and fixtures necessary to complete the store - and then hand you the keys.

Teen Store Developers uses a global wholesale merchandise network and our own import warehouse to provide great prices to our clients. We buy in heavy volume, enabling us to negotiate the best value for our member network. Our merchandise buyers hand-select products, focusing on the quality and profitability of each. We can recommend the best-performing products for you to stock your store with.

Training & On-Going Support
The training program covers every aspect of successful store operation. New owners can take courses via phone and internet or in person at our Las Vegas corporate facility. The training is tailored to each owner's schedule and remains available for the life of the store.

The Advantages Of Independent, Turn-Key Ownership Over Franchise Opportunities

Becoming a franchise owner is often seen as a safe bet by entrepreneurs. They offer a support network to address any issues, on-going training for new owners, and a steady supply of merchandise to sell. But franchise stores also offer a higher start-up price, more rules and regulations, ongoing franchise fees, contractual obligations, and a loss of control for the owner. Teen Store Developers offers a better way. We can offer all the things you want in a franchise store, with no on-going fees or restrictions.

The Store Owner Is The Boss

With Teen Store Developers, our owners make all the final decisions for their business, and they also keep all of the profits. They have control through the entire process and over all the important factors of their businesses. Each of our stores is a unique reflection of the owners. The role of Teen Store Developers is to provide counseling, service, and support - our owners need never feel alone.


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