Once you establish a relationship with just a few quality businesses, you can really cash in on this opportunity.

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To buy an opportunity with, you'll need to have at least $14,900 in liquid capital. Owners can expect to make a total investment of at least $14,900. *

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Financial requirements for this opportunity:
Liquid Capital:$14,900
What does Liquid Capital mean?
Total Investment:$14,900
What does Total Investment mean?


Options available to Owners:

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Who We Are is a nationally recognized company with 20 years combined experience in the lucrative field of Recruiting, we have developed a simple program to train you in making a high annual income by providing the service of helping companies acquire the right talent for their company. Every business in the world needs quality people to survive and grow, especially in these hard economic times. We'll show you how to make a six figure income and how to run your own business and be your own boss. We will teach you how to own your own recruiting company and you will be ready to start your own business the day after you leave training. You do not need to be an expert in the business. We will teach you every step of the way. In this industry it's possible to make more money in one phone call than most people make in a month! You must be willing to learn, have good people skills and have the desire to succeed!

Some people work part time from their own home but once the money starts coming in, many will go full time.

We will show you how to acquire all the clients that you will need. Marketing is very important for any business to succeed. We will spend hours on this subject alone to assure you are comfortable.

This is not a Franchise. The only fee that you will ever pay is the one time upfront fee.

The Program is a nationally recognized company that specializes in training individuals how to be successful in owning their own recruiting business. You will be working with businesses all over the United States both large and small.

You can earn large commissions by helping companies filling positions that are hard for companies to fill themselves. We will show you how to find these clients through our methods that have been proven over years. All you need is the best knowledge to do so. And we will show you how to do so the minute you start up.

With our program, you will learn how to be your own boss and run your own business. It will be up to you to create your own schedule. You will have all the tools to start earning a high annual income right out of your home. There is no other training program out there like it. You will be able to get started from the very first day that you graduate from our training course.

Training has developed the premier training program to teach people how to enter the lucrative field of recruiting. Because we are in the recruiting business, we see changes every day that are constantly incorporated into your training. Here's a partial summary of what we cover in our three day intensive training course. In an additional section, you will learn even more specifically what you learn and receive.

Basic Business

We start with the basics of being in business; what you need to get started, how to structure your business, time management, setting and achieving goals, creating a business plan, identifying niche opportunities.

Information about the industry

We train you about the industry; how the industry works, using industry terminology so you sound like pro. We will show you how to make money. You'll learn the simple procedure of filling out the proper paper work, organization skills, marketing, terminology, industry hot spots, negotiating, contracts and much more...

With our system, it is possible to get the return on your investment back in as little as 1 month!

Your time is valuable

We'll show you how to work "smart" not hard. We will show you how you can make thousands of dollars all during normal business hours and still have your weekends off. We will role play with you so you get comfortable with questions, objections and answers. When you get out of the training, you will be confident in representing your company.


Many people ask us about the number of potential clients. Think about it, there are hundreds of thousands of businesses that are looking for the best of the best. Often, these companies are losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars each day by not having the right staff in place. That's where you come in! This is a time sensitive business.

Once you establish a relationship with just a few quality businesses, you can really cash in on this opportunity.

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