Xivic, Inc.

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Year Founded:1996
Home Office: West Hollywood, CA
Xivic, Inc.
Xivic, Inc.


Empower your customers. Build user loyalty. Create Powerful Experiences. Develop Meaningful Products.


Approach your franchise marketing with experts who can provide big-picture, holistic guidance that makes the most sense with the industry, strategic goals, stakeholders, operating characteristics and more.


With the rapidly changing nature of the digital landscape, empower franchise marketing efforts by equipping franchisees to conceive, lead and execute initiatives.


Identify, articulate and execute on opportunities that will increase the advantage for franchise marketing success.

WHAT XIVIC DOES: Franchise Marketing Solutions

SEO Maximize organic (not paid) traffic and leads for franchise brand awareness and individual locations.

PAID SEARCH/PPC Strategically placed paid advertising to drive franchise brand awareness for location-based marketing.

CALL TRACKING Track customers accurately through mobile, online and offline marketing channels.

ANALYTICS Harness data for discovery and meaningful insights for improved business performance.

MULTI-LOCATION OPTIMIZATION Increase reach to targeted local audiences while maintaining brand presence and control across various regions.

EMAIL MARKETING (CRM) & MARKETING AUTOMATION Targeted interaction and engagement with new and existing customers for clear calls to action and loyalty rewards.

MOBILE Provide customers with responsive mobile websites and applications for quick, simple and trusted ordering.

RE-ARCHITECTURE Strategic planning and creation of a powerful digital ecosystem for franchise marketing to drive more customers engagement with clearer messaging, better usability and quicker analysis.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Create and inform an engaged community with targeted and aligned interactions in a national and location-based market.

LOYALTY Increase customer happiness and retention while measuring franchise marketing success.

ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Repair, protect and manage the franchise’s reputation to create positive search results for long term growth.

DASHBOARD Real time analytics and information for corporate ownership and individual franchisee performance.

CONTENT MARKETING Creation of strategic content promoted through multiple channels that drives authority for more customers nationally and competitive location-based markets.

SYSTEMS INTEGRATION Update and integrate existing franchise marketing systems to increase efficiencies with existing data and processes.

SUPPORT Maintain reliability and leverage innovation with continuous improvement to performance and functionality to changing requirements and needs.

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Xivic, Inc.

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