Breadsmith Bakery Franchise Information:

World Class Artisan Bakery
Breadsmith is more than a bakery. Binding centuries-old baking traditions with the passions of skilled craftsmen is what we are all about. It is what we demand of ourselves and what our customers have come to expect.

There are no shortcuts in the world of artisan baking. The artisan baker differentiates himself/herself from others by utilizing their hands, their minds and their hearts. It is where science and skill mix with passion and love. It is at this point where the baker and the customer meet and a bond is forged. The baker's pursuit of the perfect loaf of bread keeps their customers coming back again and again.

Since 1993, we have been living this idea and spreading the word with 35 stores in nine states. We aren't finished yet! Currently, we are growing and will continue to open new stores based on a thoughtful and considerate expansion plan.

So what is the story? For starters, Breadsmith bakeries are unique. Bread is baked from scratch - daily. Breadsmith bakers use steam-injected hearth ovens imported from Europe, weighing over four tons. These ovens allow Breadsmith to make authentic rustic, artisan breads. Our recipes have produced award winning breads, garnered notoriety in Bon Appetit magazine and have consistently been honored as "best of" in nine city guides. Breadsmith searches the world over for the finest ingredients. From the proprietary flour milled exclusively for Breadsmith, the highest-grade vanilla imported from Madagascar or freshly ground cinnamon from East Asia, Breadsmith seeks the highest quality in every area of the bakery.

Stepping into a Breadsmith is a special experience. The customer witnesses scratch baking, at its best. With an open kitchen concept, Breadsmith offers its patrons a full view of loaves being shaped and formed by hand and the enticing aromas of a variety of breads baked to perfection in the hearth oven.

There is something special about being in an environment where people truly care about what they make. It is evident in the care given to each individual loaf and the enthusiasm Breadsmith bakers display when discussing the daily bread choices with customers.

The Breadsmith Franchise Opportunity
Our franchisees have a unique opportunity to build their sales in two formats. First and foremost is our retail operation. Secondly, there is a great opportunity to drive wholesale and commercial revenue. Our unique approach to sales gives our operators an enhanced revenue-generating model.

Store Development

Once you sign your franchise agreement and submit your franchise fee we will provide you with store development assistance. At every point, Breadsmith will provide its experience in developing stores over the past 11 years to make this process as smooth as possible. From site selection to the evaluation of store layout design, Breadsmith Franchising will work closely with you to ensure that no detail is left to chance. During this phase, an experienced Operations Director will begin working with you toward opening your store. At each stage, the Operations Director will assist you in making the right decisions.

Training will occur in our corporate-managed store, right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This five-week program is designed to prepare you to own and operate your own Breadsmith. Every aspect of the business is covered so that you have the proper tools and resources to grow your business. There will also be time spent with our Marketing Department and public relations firm. This valuable interface will provide you with a strategy for making the most of your store's opening.

Grand Opening Support
As you approach your opening, Breadsmith Franchising will provide comprehensive grand opening support. We will send representatives from training, operations and marketing to your location to offer key support. These individuals will work along side of you to ensure the best opening possible!

On-Going Support
Once your store opens, your Operations Director will work with you on a regular basis to maximize your store's performance. While you can expect regular operations visits, you can also count on technical support. Our Research and Development department will provide you with a scheduled technical visit each year. This puts some of the brightest minds in the artisan baking business in your store to help you create world-class bread every day. Additionally, our R&D team provides on-site equipment maintenance support. Of course, any time you have questions, we're only a phone call away.

Marketing also plays a key role in ongoing support. A marketing representative will work with you to maximize your local market penetration in a variety of ways. By providing you with resources, tools and experience, our marketing department can help you get the most out of the Breadsmith brand.

If you'd like to learn more about the Breadsmith concept, please fill out the form below and submit. Breadsmith will immediately send you an informational kit and follow up with you to answer any questions you might have.

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