Hayes Handpiece

What Does a Hayes Handpiece Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$33,000 - $62,000

Hayes Handpiece Franchise Information:

The Perfect Home Based Niche Business

Hayes is the uncontested leader in the dental handpiece (drill) repair business. We started as a small family owned business run out of a garage and have evolved to the market leaders with over 75 locations worldwide and expected sales of $15 million in 2006.

If you are looking for the perfect small business in a booming recession-proof market that can be started out of your home, this is it! The dental industry is an estimated $8 billion dollar market in the U.S. alone and is expected to keep growing as the population grows and ages.

Handpiece repair is and always will be in high demand due to the rigorous sterilization procedures (autoclaving) required by OSHA that substantially increases the rate at which the dental instruments (drills) breakdown. On average, dentists have 5 to 15 handpieces that need to be serviced once a year; and some handpieces need even more maintenance depending on usage. We charge approximately $89 to $200 to service dental handpieces.

Dentists have very few quality choices of where to send their handpieces for repair. Most repair options are costly and have a slow turnaround. Additionally, the dentists must go through the hassle of packaging up the handpiece and sending it off for repair. All of the Hayes offices are successful because they fulfill the need for prompt, local, quality repairs at a reasonable price.

Hayes is the only independent handpiece repair company that has relationships with the major manufacturers providing us with factory parts and technology. These partnerships provide us with a competitive edge allowing us to repair handpieces and provide customers with quality choices that others cannot.
  • High demand niche
  • Flexible hours
  • Easy-to-learn repair and sales techniques
  • Proprietary tooling and techniques
  • Secure industry
  • Strong backing of over 40 years of dental experience

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