Make and Take Gourmet

What Does a Make and Take Gourmet Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$50,000
Net Worth Required:$250,000
Total Investment:$204,500 - $308,000

Make and Take Gourmet Franchise Information:

Thank you for your interest in a Make and Take Gourmet franchise. Meal assembly kitchens are one of the hottest trends in the food industry. We believe the meal preparation experience should be as fun and relaxed as the perfect sit-down dinner. At Make and Take Gourmet, we create the optimal cooking environment: The kitchen is sparkling clean with a warm ambience. Fresh ingredients are neatly organized - already washed and sliced. We take care of clean-up. We believe our customers should feel good about meal preparation. They save time, save money, and have fun - with Make and Take Gourmet!

Make and Take Gourmet was started by a group of talented advertising, marketing and sales professionals. We have a passion for cooking and entertaining, and our ultimate goal is to bring families back to the kitchen table, for quality time together.

We are excited to share this exciting, proven concept with you as Make and Take Gourmet grows. Become a franchisee and discover a fabulous opportunity to be involved with a company that is focused on being the innovator and leader of the meal assembly market.

Experience the difference of a Make and Take Gourmet franchise.

Franchisee's will receive a comprehensive package including:

  • A business plan template to help you secure financing if needed
  • Assistance with site selection and construction
  • A complete build-out guide including store layout, equipment lists and our exciting, upscale interior design
  • Timetables and to-do checklists
  • An innovative and comprehensive training program
  • Operational manuals to help with every function
  • A complete ready-to-use advertising and marketing program created by award-winning advertising and branding professionals
  • A complete software package to help with inventory management, session scheduling and ingredient ordering
  • Our own delicious, taste-tested recipes
  • On-going support and consultation
  • Buying power for food and equipment
  • An already established brand name
  • On-site support for your grand opening

What does it take to open a Make and Take Gourmet franchise?

Your franchisee fee is $30,000. An additional $174,500 to $292,000 will be needed for build-out improvements, equipment, furniture, and other supplies to open your store which averages 2300-3500 square feet.

How do I find a franchise location?

We will help you select a location based on Make and Take Gourmet site specifications as well as demographic criteria in your area or you may locate a site yourself (which will need to be approved by Make and Take Gourmet).

What makes a Make and Take Gourmet franchise store different from other meal assembly businesses?

At Make and Take Gourmet we are committed to your growth and success. We are partners in making Make and Take Gourmet one of the premier meal assembly businesses in the country. As seasoned marketing professionals we know how to "brand" and promote the business. We have the pulse on consumer buying trends so that we can grow and change our business model to keep up with those trends faster than our competitors.

We also pride ourselves on the quality and taste of our food. It\'s easy to get a customer to try something once, but if it\'s not great they won\'t be back. Our taste-tested recipes are so delicious they\'ll keep coming back for more. And our customers love the ambience of our exciting, upscale environment.

How does your training program work?

Once your location is approved we will invite you to one of the Make and Take stores for a complete on-the-job training. This will include all aspects of operations, web management, setting up and running a session, inventory control and the food ordering process. Once your store is ready to open, a representative of Make and Take Gourmet will come to your location for on-site training and to assist you in getting ready for your grand opening. You will also receive the Make and Take Operations Manual to assist you in running your store. Make and Take Gourmet will continue to offer support and consultations as you grow your business.

What about advertising?

The brand image and awareness of Make and Take Gourmet is a critical part of your business success. When your store opens we will assist you in getting as much publicity as possible. We will provide you with the guidelines and the material for your advertising to keep the Make and Take Gourmet brand consistent. We will be able to assist you in developing effective, results-oriented marketing plans.

*This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can only be made by a prospectus.

Please note interested parties should have at least $50,000 to invest.

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