Oil Extreme Mobile Pit Stop

What Does a Oil Extreme Mobile Pit Stop Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$10,000
Net Worth Required:$40,000
Total Investment:$33,800

Oil Extreme Mobile Pit Stop Oil Change Dealership:

  • Huge Guaranteed Corporate Accounts in many areas
  • $1,000 down with good credit
  • Protected Territories
  • No franchise fees
  • No Royalties
  • New exclusive motor oil technology. Operate 1 van or 100 vans
  • If you are looking for a profitable business opportunity in a recession proof industry, Mobile Pit Stop, "At Your Office Oil change" featuring
  • The Oil Extreme Experience motor oil may be the business for you.

Mobile Pit Stop is one of the fastest growing mobile service businesses in the country. And YES, it's a recession proof business, because every vehicle on the road must have regular oil changes. As the cost of a new vehicle goes up it's even more important to have proper services performed. Mobile Pit Stop comes right to a customer's office, and performs this valuable service in the parking garage or lot, thereby saving the customer valuable time and trouble.

Some of America's largest and most respected corporations welcome Mobile Pit Stop operators on their corporate campuses, because they know this service saves their employees time and effort.


Heavy promotion of the Oil Extreme Experience on corporate campuses, prepares the customer for a delightful experience because They Can Feel The Difference.

Oil Extreme, "Better than Synthetic" motor oil keeps the customers loyal and coming back for years to come, because they receive the following amazing benefits.

*5 to 7 extra horsepower. *7 to 10% better gas mileage. *Cuts engine wear in half. *Oil lasts twice as long as normal.


If you can find the dip stick tube you qualify. Each Mobile Pit Stop van comes with special pumps that allow you to vacuum the oil from the engine in an easy and environmentally safe manner. With Mobile Pit Stop's thorough training program you become an expert on motor oil, and Oil Extreme's exclusive oil technology. You are given complete training on getting and keeping customers, and tracking them on the computer system which comes with every van. Mobile Pit Stop trainers introduce you to the already arranged corporate accounts, and take you by the hand to make sales calls on new potential accounts. As you expand by adding more vans and workers, we give your faithful employees shares of our company stock on a regular basis, which keep them loyal to you. We even guarantee them a protected territory of their own after two years of faithful work for you. If they do go off on their own, we pay you for having trained them.


The sky's the limit for this unusual concept and product. Since you will be concentrating on the employees and executives of America's largest corporations, and have a unique product which lasts twice as long as other motor oils, you do not need to give your services away at discounted prices. This makes your profit picture outstanding. 10 Mobile Pit Stop vans doing 10 oil changes a day, 5 days a week, should net $400,000.00 a year profit if 25% of your customers purchase additional services like tire rotation, windshield wiper blades, fuel system cleaner, or a radiator flush.

This type of an operation should be able to be sold for 4 to 5 time's net earnings, and we still pay you a continual residual income for having worked hard to build it. The question is- How Long Do You Think It Would Take To Find 12,000 CUSTOMERS When Some Of Our Corporate Clients Have 2,000 TO 10,000 Employees At One Site?

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