Deciphering Market Behavior: Insights for Potential Franchisees by Age Group


In the cleaning and maintenance industry, success in franchising is built not just on capital or enthusiasm; it's also about having the right insights. This article is designed to equip you, the aspiring franchisee, with valuable data on how different age groups are interacting with our portal. These insights can help you identify opportunities and challenges in your target market, and make more informed decisions as you consider your entry into the franchising world.

2023 Cleaning and Maintenance Category Website Data

Age GroupPercent of Page ViewsAvg. Time on Page (minutes:seconds)Bounce Rate
Young Adults (18-24)12.98%00:510%
Adults (25-34)45.19%01:5240%
Middle-Aged (35-44)28.13%00:59100%
Older Adults (45-54)13.70%01:250%

Bounce Rate Across Age Groups

Adults (25-34)

A bounce rate of 40% indicates that while this group is significantly engaged, many are also leaving the page without progressing further. This could signal a gap in the market that you could fill.

Middle-Aged (35-44)

The 100% bounce rate in this age group implies that potential competitors are very selective and may not be finding what they’re looking for, offering you an opportunity to step in.

Older Adults (45-54)

A 0% bounce rate in this age group signifies a highly committed audience, suggesting that the competition in this age bracket may be growing and the opportune window for those in this bracket could be closing.

Percent of Total Page Views Across Age Groups

business owner

Young Adults (18-24)

Accounting for nearly 13% of total page views, this demographic could represent a lively but not overwhelmingly competitive market.

Adults (25-34)

Dominating the scene with 45.19% of total page views, this could prove to be a high-demand market. Franchisees in this age bracket should act swiftly to surpass their competition and take advantage of this budding market.

Older Adults (45-54)

At 13.70%, this group represents a low percentage of page views in our Cleaning and Maintenance category. This age bracket can utilize their experience and reliability to gain an upper-hand in the franchising world.

Average Time Spent on Page Across Age Groups

Young Adults (18-24)

The short time span indicates that this age group is likely in the exploratory phase, doing cursory research but not fully committing to the path of franchising.

Middle-Aged (35-44)

With an average time of nearly one minute on the page, this age group appears to be giving franchise options a serious but quick look, signaling that they may be open to opportunities but are also very cautious in their considerations. Those in this age bracket can act today and quickly outpace their potential competition.

Older Adults (45-54)

This group's shorter yet significant time on page indicates that they are more decisive and are seriously considering a multitude of franchising options in the Cleaning and Maintenance industry.

The Upside of Franchising

Franchising offers various inherent advantages, such as:

Proven Business Model: Unlike startups, franchises operate on a tried-and-true business model, drastically reducing the risks associated with starting a business from scratch.

Brand Recognition: Being part of an established brand offers immediate credibility and can significantly reduce marketing costs, allowing you to focus on operations.

Training and Support: Most franchises offer extensive training programs and ongoing support in both operational and marketing aspects, setting you up for success from the get-go.

Franchise Spotlight: 911 Restoration is a versatile franchise opportunity that appeals to entrepreneurs of all ages, offering a proven business model and comprehensive support to help individuals succeed in the restoration industry.


The metrics provided offer more than just numerical insights; they provide a lens to view your potential competition across age groups. Coupled with the inherent advantages of franchising, such as a proven business model and brand recognition, this data equips you with the tools you need to carve out a successful path in the cleaning and maintenance franchising landscape.

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